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Vongola's reaction to their s/o being masochist but not in just in the bedroom as in that someone who would literaly get giggly at the thought of being kicked in the face and they completely blame their ex-trainer lal mirch for it








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Hibari dating gifs like before relationship and after relationship fluff

Before relationship:

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After relationship:

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very quick cheek kisses in public that are few and far in between in the beginning of the relationship

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some time in he will let you sit in his lap while he does paperwork.

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and when you two sleep together he will (after you have fallen asleep so you don’t see) wrap his arms around you and cuddle

there are a lot of reasons i would recommend Katekyo! Hitman Reborn as an anime or manga:

  • main character Tsuna realizes he’s a main character and does his absolute best to avoid being a main character and fails miserably 
  • hibari, as the most broken af tank i have ever witnessed on a good guys’ team and yet he also spends half his time trying to kill his own allies because he’ll fight LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT BREATHES except small children and animals
  • and then the Rainbow Arc happens and that entire scene with him switching sides and then fighting Xanxas AND THEN LOSING ON PURPOSE LMFAO what a piece of shit i love him
  • eventually in the manga you get an explanation for why the fuck there are talking babies with guns, and even though the excuse is weird, at least there’s a fucking reason
  • cool fight scenes and neat powers, including a goddamn floating hedgehog ARMY WITH SPIKES
  • yamamoto. just yamamoto.
  • mukuro the owl
  • that one time Squalo brings them a giant fish for absolutely no reason
  • the Nobody Wants Fran Apocalypse
  • that time future Hibari trolled the SHIT out of everyone fighting the Phantom Knight, trust me that entire sequence was glorious writing and im still in love with it
  • if you want a story about mafiosos doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with the mafia
  • the foreshadowing in the manga especially was fascinating in hindsight. just everything that happens with irie shoichi. a+ writing
  • Enma Kozato, the most precious child to ever exist
  • scenes like this:

watch/read this series, guys