khr: arc meme

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Tony, you're alone in a dark room. You can't see anything, but you can hear something dripping slowly. Something's running down your chest, but you can't reach up to see what it is. But from the amount of pain you're in, it's blood - most likely your own. You try walking forward, slowly, and your foot hits something cold and metal. You bend down slowly to pick the object up, and hold it close to see it through the darkness. Your arc reactor. But if that's in your hand, then (continued...)

(2/2) what’s in the hole in your chest? Do you reach up to find out, Tony? Or are you too afraid?

Darkness is something Tony’s intimately familiar with, and yet it never stops being terrifying, if only because Tony /knows/ there is supposed to be a glow here - glow everywhere.

But there isn’t a glow…and his chest is on fire, blood slowly dripping down his chest and  tapping on the floor beneath him. He swallows hard, but forces himself to walk forward, wondering if he’s walking towards his own death, but walks all the same.

Eventually, foots knocks against something with the cold chill of metal, and he picks it up, bringing it up, trying to see it. The faintest outline drives terror into his chest, stealing his breath. His arc reactor. Which means…that something else is currently filling up the whole in his chest.

But he doesn’t know what, and he doesn’t know if he’s man enough to try and find out.