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KHR Revenge AUAU

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@sakhyu ooookaaaaaay it’s just a lil idea with a lil bit attached to it nothing much

Revenge AUAU where:

instead of reincarnating as the Sawada triplets, Giotto, Ricardo, and Tsuna reincarnate as Enrico, Massimo, and Federico respectively.

Ricardo is the one who gets to keep how he used to look this time. Enrico and Federico look a lot like each other.

when Timoteo adopts Xanxus:

F: I had no idea we had another brother.

T: Xanxus may not be my biological son but I HAVE adopted him and so he is my son now.

M: are you SURE? he looks like my spitting image

M: if I wasn’t so sure that I haven’t slept with anyone and that I was the wrong age, I would have thought that he was MY son.

F: you know who slept with people and is the right age though?

E: me? I have a son? I HAVE A SON!



E: forget about the old man, I AM YOUR FATHER NOW

X: the fuck?


(Timoteo is honest about Xanxus being adopted this time around but no one believes him because ‘have you SEEN how much he looks like Massimo?’)

Vongola Shenanigans TO THE EXTREEEEEEME

Timoteo actually wants Massimo to become Decimo but we can’t always have what we want

KHR reference in ēlDLIVE

So ēlDLIVE just released it’s first anime episode and I read somewhere that there is a KHR reference in a scene and of course I watch the anime and

We have just found out that the next head of the Italian Mafia could be Japanese.

(and I screamed) we know exactly who the Japanese is

and to prove the point legit, here’s a close-up of the tv picture


and to think that ēlDLIVE and KHR are in the same universe, I won’t doubt it.

I don’t know about you but this teensy-tiny-bit of reference just makes my day

(I love you Amano-sensei)


Thought it was going to be some pairing-based comic because of the mistletoe? If you did, then you thought WRONG. (Only pairing here is Gokudera and various shattered, once-precious objects.)

Another comic thing between vector-triple and I; sorry it’s so messy. (I can’t write with a mouse for crap but hopefully it’s still somewhat legible) Based on this post from Exocara. Merry Christmas!

Edit: It looks like the 9th panel is temperamental so I’ve posted a copy here. Hopefully it works.


Ahhhh KHR’s seiyuus are hanging out together O(≧∇≦)O

There’s Yukari (Tsuna), Neeko (Reborn), Kondo (Hibari), Suguru (Yamamoto) and Hidekazu (Gokudera)!!! Apparently they went together to Amano-sensei exhibition work in Kyoto (and also cafe I guess?) Also something about a screening of a alumni meeting?? Whoever can translate this correctly, please do!

Seeing them together again after so long since Rebocon makes my KHR heart flutter into heaven (>y<)

(Can you imagine them joking around while hanging out and be in character once in awhile and all, my heart can only take so much)


So I made another one just because I wanted to show you Gokudera, Yamamoto and Chrome staring and Tsunas butt

Don’t be mad

Happy New Year Everybody!~

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  • Me before watching KHR: Oh cool a show about mafias.
  • Me after watching KHR: VOOOOOOOOOIIII! Ciaossu, kora! Hahi, I love KHR and JUUDAIME TO THE EXTREME, and will bite every scum and idjits that defies me to death, Kufufushishishi. O-ho. *Sings Namimori Anthem*

my two favorite things to draw are tsuna and reborn i cannot explain it and i have no excuse,,

IIB reborn can’t actually go into DWM or even manifest flames physically aside from shooting it out of a gun. but he can make his eyes glow a bit for Enhanced Vision. otherwise does not reflect any light at all. not even if you shine a flashlight into his eyes. they truly are the abyss that gazes back.

‘mocking’ is his default expression. it’s probably just the way his eyebrows work now. (well, that’s what he’ll use as an excuse.)