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Can we please appreciate the look of shock Spanner gets when Shoichi threatens to start just outright murdering people? When he acts not like the casual nerd Spanner is friends with, but the stonecold Millefiore captain? I think this is somehow worse than the look on his face when Iris told Spanner that Shoichi had OK’d his death. 

And then… when he goes back. 

And Spanner is just laughing to himself because 





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would nta!xanxus have read "go the fuck to sleep" to tsuna when he was looking after him when they were young?

tsuna: …you’re going to read me a bedtime story?
tsuna: that sounds kinda sketchy
xanxus: c’mon, you’ll love it. bel and fran do. it’ll help you sleep.
tsuna: that’s not very reassuring
xanxus, reading anyway: “the cats nestle close to their kittens now,”
tsuna: what the hell
xanxus: “the lambs have lain down with the sheep”
tsuna: this is strangely lulling.
xanxus: “you’re cozy and warm in your bed, baby trash”
tsuna: whuh-
xanxus: “Please Go The Fuck To Sleep”
tsuna: *busts a gut laughing*

that’s a very enthusiastic ‘yes’.

Blue (KHR)

A/N: This is what happens when you ask me to write more of a particular pairing. I get angsty. So here’s that Alaude/Tsuna you guys have apparently been asking for.

Summary: This isn’t what G imagines Giotto meant when he asked Alaude to protect his brother.


G is a strategist. Always has been, always will be for as long as Giotto will have him. His mind is keener than most, and that’s put him in some tight spots over the years as much as its gotten him out of them. But this time G’s been put in a position where nothing good can come of it, either in or out. Either way, someone’s going to end up hurt, and it’ll be his fault.

Here are the facts.

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It is one in the morning and I have the first 3 pages of a Xanxus/Mukuro fic written. How did this even happen. Why am I shipping them, this is the worst possible KHR pairing and someone should stop me. *headdesk*

Hibari x Chrome Grade

This one is a B.

What I really love about this pairing is the fact that when Chrome was on her last legs and her organs where disappearing, Hibari was the one to get through to her and pull her through it. He done that for her even though he claims he does not want to be part of the Vongola and hates Mukuro who can appear from Chrome.

That’s another thing, despite Mukuro being attached to Chrome and Hibaris obvious disdain for him he still doesn’t let that cloud his judgement of Chrome. He doesn’t treat her any differently than he does the rest of the Vongola and I think that is really cute.

I like to think that Chrome is the neutral ground for Mukuro and Hibari. That Hibari tries not to bite Mukuro to death because of Chrome and Mukuro tries not to annoy Hibari because of Chrome’s attachment to him.

(sorry for crap background but i was trying to rush and finish this) i hadnt drawn anything at all for 1827 month and then when i got the urge to draw mermaids chuudaime suggested 1827 mers so i tweaked it a bit and!!! captured mer!tsuna and hibari who visits him every day :)))

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*clears throat* Rare Pair Queen, I present to you the Naruto/Bleach crossover pairing of Minato/Ichigo! Already we, your loyal followers, have presented you Naruto/KHR and KHR/Bleach crossover pairings, and now we present this Naruto/Bleach crossover pairing. Hear me out here. Doesn't Ichigo remind you of another red head? *cough* Kushina *cough* Yeah? Anyone with me? No? *crawls away back to crossover rare pair hell to cry*

I could see it! And I have to say, I really like the contrast of will-fight-you-for-a-potato-chip!characters and totally-a-peacekeeper!characters, so their dynamic would be hilarious and okay. Okay yes. I…may ship this more than I thought I did, oops.