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Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

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tongue-tied & secret admirer + r27 please

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Valentine’s Day was always hard to get through. It was messy and chaotic if you were with somebody and lonely if you never got anything. Tsuna was used to watching everybody flock to each other and exchange letters and stutter out a confession. He had only been the victim to cruel jokes where people pretended to confess to him to later embarrass him somehow. He grew to dread the day by then.

It didn’t help the fact he had little interest in anybody but somebody a year above him. Everybody had at least a little crush on Reborn and Tsuna begrudgingly admitted he was one of those people. He was likeable and always had a funny comment to add. He had tutored quite a few people close to failing that ended up passing. He was also, arguably, the hottest person in school and that helped nothing for Tsuna.

Tsuna never tried to go near Reborn though. He was way too far down the food chain in this school to even think about talking with Reborn. He barely managed to ask Yamamoto for notes without people glaring harshly at him.

He had hoped it would stay the same during Valentine’s Day but he was so wrong.

As he was seen as so pathetic to everybody else, he always had at least one person trying to masquerade as him during Valentine’s and give somebody a note confessing his love. One year it was Kyoko Sasagawa. She had been understanding and vehemently went against the joke when she found out it was a cruel prank. Mochida had angrily berated Tsuna for it and yet again tried to challenge him to a fight but he escaped that. Another year it had been Kyoko’s friend Hana who just rolled her eyes and asked Tsuna if it was real a week later.

This year, though, Reborn was the one to get the letter.

Tsuna did not ever give any thought to confessing his crush to Reborn. He liked him but he wasn’t that much of an idiot. He was content to pine painfully from afar if it meant sparing his last shred of dignity.

He was mortified to find Reborn walking up to him, holding an envelope. Immediately, Tsuna turned and started hurrying in the other direction. He didn’t want to be around everybody when Reborn evidently made fun of him for the note he never made in the first place.

His running made him trip down stairs though and he was caught by Reborn at the bottom. He seemed amused. Tsuna had clumsily landed in Reborn’s arms and he knew he was cherry red. His heart was racing and his palms started sweating as he looked back at Reborn. He was waiting for the moment he’d be the laughingstock of the school even more.

But Tsuna asked in astonishment, “How did you get ahead of me?”

“It’s a secret”, Reborn said with a wink.

Then he had hoisted Tsuna onto his shoulder and was walking along the halls. He ignored anybody that tried to stop the two. Tsuna had tried to wiggle out but Reborn’s arms but it was a pathetic attempt so he just buried his face in his hands and tried to will himself invisible.

They stopped at an empty classroom. Reborn dropped Tsuna to the floor and without any hesitation, Tsuna dove towards the windows. They were on the first floor and he was terrified of what would happen. He was ready.

Reborn laughed, pulling him back around the waist. “Oh, you’re not getting away that easily, kid.”

“I’m only a year younger than you.” Tsuna cried.

“You look twelve so my mistake.”

“Put me down”, Tsuna yelled, trying to wiggle free. “I know what this is about.”

Reborn dropped Tsuna back to the floor. Tsuna laid, fuming, waiting for Reborn to humiliate him and make his school life that much worse. Reborn sat down by Tsuna’s head and pulled out a small, bright pink envelope that had kiss marks all over it. Tsuna looked at it, mortified.

“You didn’t put this in my shoe locker then?” Reborn asked.

“No! I don’t even own lipstick to do those kiss things.” Tsuna said. He felt his cheeks heat up. “I-I’m sorry, it’s just a prank. I d-don’t want to waste your time anymore since you obviously have better things to do.”

“Mm, nope. I was hoping this was you, too.”

Reborn looked at the envelope before throwing it to the side. He looked at Tsuna with a childish pout. Tsuna felt his heart stutter and his face flame even more at the look.

“I-I’m sorry, people do this every y-year. I’m a joke to the school.” Tsuna explained. He tried to hide his face as he got up but Reborn fell against him, knocking the two to the ground.

“Listen, I know you have a crush on me. Everybody does, really, but I also like you so this is a win/win.”

“You’re not-” Tsuna put his hands over his face. He couldn’t handle this. “Are you serious?”

“Completely”, Reborn said. He buried his face against Tsuna’s neck. “I’m tired so I’m taking a nap but we’ll talk about our first date when I get up.”

“Oh, okay?” Tsuna said, confused. He placed his hand against Reborn’s back and felt Reborn fall asleep almost instantly against him.

He looked at Reborn and smiled. This was a bizarre twist to the day but…not an unwanted one.

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