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(9.20.16) ☆ Happy belated birthday Cam!

Anime Recommedation x 2

Sorry for waiting so long for my 2nd AR- post, I was kind of busy and couldn’t find time to make one. And again I’m going to recommend five randomly selected anime from different genres. And I really hope that you will like at least one of them. And also if you are interested in my first post on this topic then click here. \(^_^)/

1. Death Parade

-When people die they are sent to heaven (they are being reincarnated) or hell (void), but some of them end up in bar called Quindecim that is being managed by arbitrator named Decim. When people end up in this bar, Decim challenges them to play Death Game, where their true personalities are revealed. Based on their true nature, Decim decides who will go to hell and who will go to heaven.
-No. of Episodes: 12

2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-The main character is teenage boy Sawada Tsunayoshi who isn’t very popular or smart and on top of that he doesn’t really have friends. And so one day he meets mafia’s hitman named Reborn who is sent by ninth boss of Vongola to train Tsunayoshi for title of tenth Vongola boss. And after meeting Reborn Tsunayoshi’s life is starting to change. Well I need to say that this is actually one of my favorites, but it has one major flaw and that is - nothing very significant is happening during first 30 episodes. Please just endure those boring episodes till you get to the good ones and I swear you won’t regret watching this anime.
-No. of Episodes: 203

3. Barakamon

-This is pretty good comedy/slice of life anime. The story is about Handa Seishuu - a young, handsome and talented calligrapher, who ends up being sent to Goto Islands by his father, after losing his temper and punch some veteran who claimed that his style is unoriginal. And so he tries to find inspiration and unique style, but he always gets distracted by energetic kinds, middle schoolers and old people who non-stop barge in his house.
-No. of Episodes:12

4. Shiki

-When new family moves to peaceful and small village, Megumi Shimizu goes missing after she supposedly visited the newcomers. The entire village goes out searching for her and not long after she was found she mysteryously died. And after that, series of deaths starts to occur. Toshio Ozaki, a local doctor, suspects an epidemic but as he investigates he finds out shocking true.
-No. of Episodes: 24

5. Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume

-This is post-apocalyptic ONA, but really good one. Story is about robot Hoshino Yumemi who works at planetarium and she’s been waiting customers for 30 years. Btw 30 years ago some kind of Space Colonization Program failed causing deadly rain to fall on Earth non-stop. And so one day one man enters planetarium and Hoshino assumes that he is a customer and then she tries to show him projection. But the projector is broken and so man ends up trying to repair it. 
-No. of Episodes:5