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In Order To Prove Sara Harvey Is Behind The Threats, Team Sparia Reunites To Find Evidence Of Sara's Involvement Before They Go To The Cops. Caleb...
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As the luckiest woman in the world, Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a wonderful life, which all changes after she kisses a stranger (Adrien Agreste) at a costume party. She sees everything turn into a living hell, as she realizes that she has unwittingly exchanged her good fortune for the stranger’s bad luck.

gail and i have started a miraculous ladybug just my luck AU


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Kenobi would rather talk than fight, but when there is fighting to be done, few can match him. Skywalker is the master of audacity; his intensity, boldness, and sheer jaw-dropping luck are the perfect complement to Kenobi’s deliberate, balanced steadiness. Together, they are a Jedi hammer that has crushed Separatist infestations on scores of worlds.