khr fanfics: tsuna has a brother (usually younger and possibly his twin) that inherits the position of decimo who hates tsuna and also tsuna is mute for whatever reason but when no one is around he sings and is a wonderful singer and hibari manages to overhear him and becomes obsessed

me, every single time, without fail:

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Clashing Titans - Seito - Katekyou Hitman Reborn! [Archive of Our Own]
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Commission for @thelazyhermits

Summary: Tsuna was so late, so very late. That meant his worst nightmare was happening. An unavoidable meeting with the school enforcer Hibari Fon.

Why didn’t Reborn wake him up?!?!

(Part of the Teenager!Arcobaleno Universe)

For like a solid year, I thought Tsuna got his Sky Flame and Vongola connection from Nana

it’s not even about the fact that I want to get into a literal fistfight with iemitsu 

(which i do

but it just?? made more sense???

One of the things we’re even told about Giotto is that he just took anyone into his Family without a good god damn for what other people thought, and it’s like…. Look at Nana’s living situation by the end of the manga with how many children she has decided are officially a part of her household now. 

Also Tsuna clearly gets so much more from his mother anyway? I mean, not only does he ALSO adopt in his own way, but he also just takes so much of his looks from her. It made sense that, if her genes were so dominant there, so too would the Sky flame. 

….Do you all think I could get away with putting at as personal canon anyway… like I know it contradicts actual canon but…

todoroki/tsuna manga arc

 tsuna is in Hero Class C and does not want to be a hero but he feels this incredibly heroic urge that draws him like magnet into the trade - that “i moved without thinking” compulsion that he realizes he can’t shake off, so heroism is all he can do, and if he can’t get a license, he thinks he might become a vigilante. His teacher is a vigilante and he’s a dick so he’s really not down with that in the slightest. 

todoroki judges tsuna’s firepower as a perfect foil for his ice and goes “oh yes, this kid who is screaming and obviously woefully inadequate at hero work will be my Rival” except doesn’t tell tsuna this because he’s emotionally repressed. he doesn’t even confront him about it because there’s nothing to confront he just chose tsuna out of pure practicality

and todoroki, being a presumptuous kid, spends so much time and energy plotting around tsuna’s fire shit as a measure of self-worth and then tsuna, backed in a corner when they’re matched, for the first time uses ice. and todoroki is like hey? i wrote fanfic in my head abt how this is gonna go why are you me? im me? 

and tsuna says yeah i kinda promised not to roll this one out (because it’s insanely deadly) but if i can’t use my ice even when facing you, who could crush me like an insect, and in fact already do simply by breathing the same air, then when CAN i use it. i cannot live in fear of my own ability when you are right in front of me, being, to be quite honest, So Fucking Scary

tsuna doesn’t hardcore this he just blushes and flusters and flails the entire time like he’s so confused and disoriented and he’s chewing himself out the entire time and todoroki says “understandable” and sets himself on fire and tsuna says “no NO NO THAT ISN’T WHAT I MEANT FUCKand then loses the match

todoroki treats him like a friend after that and while that’s extremely intimidating tsuna’s like…haha todoroki-kun hey…can you….help me with the………………….maths

khr college au

- tsuna’s major is undeclared and he has intense and sudden spikes of anxiety every single time whenever someone brings it up or something reminds him of the fact, because he’s in a prolonged state of millennial existential crisis but he keeps, like, forgetting about it

- he doesn’t actually know who his roommate is for his entire first term because he’s never there, though his stuff is strewn everywhere. he finally shows up and is introduced in the first ep of season two but is expelled 3 minutes into the episode (it’s naito longchamp)

- yamamoto and squalo are roommates. no one has any idea how it works out so smoothly or how yam is like, alive. yam doesn’t understand why none of his other friends want to get along with squalo

- they’re fairly certain squalo is a serial killer

- “yamamoto does he ever leave knives lying around?” “oh haha yeah, lots of ‘em!” “is he gone on another ‘weekend trip’ right now?” “yeah he just disappeared thursday night without warning” “yamamoto, you know that big stain on his jacket? the black one he wears to every class? i’m pretty sure that’s blood” “yeah he told me once that he doesn’t believe in band-aids”

- meanwhile, squalo keeps trying to induct yamamoto into the varia. no one’s actually sure what the varia do. they’re… some kind of student club. maybe? they have a lot of photoshoots. they’re trying to release a calendar, squalo tells yamamoto, but they’re missing a guy in the back to even out the composition, and that’s why they’re recruiting. it has to fit the fibonacci sequence, you understand. they’re classically-trained goths. goths with standards. this calendar has to look good

- gokudera rooms with Shitt P. he keeps a blog where he posts daily entries about his observations, because he is convinced she is an alien. he’s amassed a lot of followers

- tsuna is pretty sure that at least a third of the student body is involved in Crime, somehow? but he never knows how to bring it up and everyone else just acts like everything is normal. so he just doesn’t. talk about it. it’s probably just his imagination. maybe.

- mukuro is the unholy cross between the theatre gay no one actually likes and that annoying dude who sits with his legs on the desk in the back of the class and smirks during your women’s studies class. he actually tried to sit closer to the front once but no one would move to make room for him so he had to go back. it was an emotional turning point in his life

- gokudera’s always on his phone during lectures but he’s actually doing a joint honours programs and attends seminars in his free time. tsuna still isn’t sure what seminar is

- when you ask yamamoto what his major is he says “haha i came here on a baseball scholarship”

- “but what are you majoring in?” “baseball”

- gokudera and hana accidentally make eye contact during a pre-law class and pretend it didn’t happen. they later both complain that university sucks because they don’t share any classes with anyone they know

- about once every two weeks tsuna opens his bathroom door in the morning and there’s someone he doesn’t know in there. he just closes the door politely and goes to use another bathroom, now

- xanxus will NOT admit that he doesn’t know how to do math. he overtips every time he eats out because he can’t calculate percentages. if you try to call him generous he laughs at you for not having money

- mukuro and tsuna eat the same brand of instant ramen. tsuna knows because they accidentally reached for the same package once at the corner store. their fingers brushed and all. it was a really sad day

- tsuna almost never has classes in common with yamamoto or ryouhei because they keep taking 8 AM classes. their schedules are FULL with 8 AM classes. tsuna’s preferred time to get up is 1 PM

- tsuna gets really jealous once he finds out that yamamoto and kyouko actually share a bunch of classes because they’re in the same 8 AMs together. he signs up for those 8 AMs and promptly dies

- chrome isn’t enrolled in any classes but sometimes they turn their head and she’s there. she avoids the large auditoriums filled with hundreds of people but likes listening in on smaller lectures. tsuna once asked her what she thought about the afternoon guest lecture about nihilism and the inherent meaninglessness of the human condition and she said “it was quaint”. tsuna doesn’t even know what quaint means but he’s scared

- ryouhei’s a year ahead of them and no one really knows what he’s doing but they hear him yell “SAMOSAS!!! COME GET YOUR SAMOSAS!!! 1 FOR 1$ AND 3 FOR 2$! IT’S AN EXTREMELY GOOD DEAL!” across campus sometimes and they know all is well

- they find a literal dead body in an alleyway during their second year. tsuna would rather not talk about it but all in all it worked out surprisingly peacefully. no one got arrested

- except mukuro

- there’s a rumour on campus that this guy called byakuran has All the previous years’ exam answer sheets. All Of Them. no one knows how, but it’s said that if you manage to track him down and get to an agreement with him you’ll be able to pass all your classes breezily…. though it’ll cost you. it takes a lot of desperation to try, but tsuna is more desperate than most

- hibari’s still in middle school