HEY PEOPLE WHO seem to really like the KHPD story thing, would you be interested in following a blog about it? I’m hoping to get the clutter off of this blog but still get excited with posting about it.

There’d be the character pages for all 4, and the others (including baddies that come in) would be added as they joined the plot, probably would post the story like 4-5 forums posts in one, numbered and such so you can find them easily, ask box open for questions, posting my art of it there, etc.

For a little while I’ll prob reblog half of it back here anyway but yeah. Just wanted to know, would anyone be interested in that? :o

So I’ve been working hard on setting up the KHPD blog.


Only things on it are the art and the bits of story so far. The posts are in the format of 4 forum posts per tumblr post, titled as parts! There’s quick links to each part on the side under ‘Story’. Character profiles are under ‘Characters’. :D

I’ll be messing with the colour of the background and stuff tomorrow or something to fit the black/white/grey theme I have on the other site. :33