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If Annetta's powers involve power negation, does that extend to Chiela's shapeshifting species? If it does, what is her 'default form'?

It does! That’s actually come in to play already! :O Chiela’s panic response was to change into a rabbit. I can’t remember why we decided that. But because it’s her species it doesn’t cause a full ‘cancel’ of her power, so much as getting her ‘stuck’ as the animal she changes into.

Her default form would be ‘human’, technically she looks, acts, etc. human but she is a different species that can change form. DNA tests and such would show she wasn’t actually fully human. :33

HEY PEOPLE WHO seem to really like the KHPD story thing, would you be interested in following a blog about it? I’m hoping to get the clutter off of this blog but still get excited with posting about it.

There’d be the character pages for all 4, and the others (including baddies that come in) would be added as they joined the plot, probably would post the story like 4-5 forums posts in one, numbered and such so you can find them easily, ask box open for questions, posting my art of it there, etc.

For a little while I’ll prob reblog half of it back here anyway but yeah. Just wanted to know, would anyone be interested in that? :o

So I’ve been working hard on setting up the KHPD blog.


Only things on it are the art and the bits of story so far. The posts are in the format of 4 forum posts per tumblr post, titled as parts! There’s quick links to each part on the side under ‘Story’. Character profiles are under ‘Characters’. :D

I’ll be messing with the colour of the background and stuff tomorrow or something to fit the black/white/grey theme I have on the other site. :33

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how about 9, 14, and 18?

  • 9. What chore does your OC hate the most?

Chiela- Absolutely hates doing the laundry. She’s so tiny, carrying all the clothes on her own, dealing with the huge machines… it’s quite the task for her. She’s fine with cleaning, dishes, etc. because that’s all done in small bits, or with smaller tools, but lugging a big bag of clothes, getting it all in, trying to get the soap into a machine almost as tall as you are..

Meta- Literally any chore. She’s incredibly lazy. Ask her to do anything and she just ‘why do you hate me’.

  • 14. Happy birthday! What kind of present would your OC want?

Chiela- Art! Art supplies! Anything drawing. Pencils, drawing booklet, colour pencils!

Meta- She’s the type to ask for money outright if she were to ask in general.. but something she’d like to get something like an iphone/ipod. She doesn’t have much money so she isn’t able to splurge on anything like that. She loves music and would love the little games from the app store and such.

  • 18. Something that makes your OC laugh without fail?

Chiela- Those ‘try not to laugh’ videos. She can’t ever sit through one without laughing, even the parts that aren’t as funny she just can’t not laugh because it’s a ‘don’t laugh’ and she automatically has to laugh.

Meta- Memes. And the stupidest ones. Like ‘dat boi’, that stuff would make her cackle without fail. The John Cena meme is her absolute favorite.

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49 for Meta & 43 for Chi

  • 43. Your OC wakes up with a coin super glued to their forehead. How do they react?

She feels something odd about her forehead as she wakes up. She touches it, its circular and hard. She tries to pull whatever it is off, but no luck. Frustrated, she goes to check in the mirror and… finds a coin stuck to her head. Very, very stuck. Instead of thinking ‘how did it get there’ or ‘why is it there’… or even ‘why can’t it come off’, her immediate response is


  • 49. Your OC’s most prized possession?

“Two words for you: Xena and Gabrielle… no, Chi, ‘and’ does not count.”


It may be temporary but I’ll use this for now! It’s based off of the RWBY teams, since there’s 4 of them rn! It’s KHPD (like Capped because of Annetta’s power negation putting a ‘cap’ on their capabilities.



That’s the 4 we have currently. Chiela’s mine, Annetta (lovingly called Meta/Meta knight by us) is @sunnynico‘s, Herb is @stxrmflxwer‘s, and Jadyn is @kousakaear‘s! :D

We had to have super power and species active, and were only allowed to lock ‘Identifies As’ and ‘Sexuality’. We could randomize as much as we want but had to keep everything open. (in the generator you can lock stuff so that you could keep that one the same and generate the other stuff)

(Also the original pics were not gifs, I grabbed the gifs off google and put them in instead)

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Hogwarts houses for the four khpd's? and as many as you can think of for your avengers?

Oooooh boy do I love the HP questions haha Thank you so much!! ;u;

For the KHPD group:

Chiela I think would be a Hufflepuff, but it’s a very close tie to Ravenclaw as well… it’s a hard decision…

Meta would be Slytherin pfft, the Angel being a Slytherin… but it fits her personality and ideals well XD

Jadyn is an incredibly hard one to place, between Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor… He has traits from all three. I think… I’d say Ravenclaw though, as he seems to value knowledge quite a bit.

Herb… Well he’s not a Slytherin. He may feed off of the negative feelings from others but he doesn’t wish those feelings upon people (not exactly what Slytherin is, but they’re about themselves rather than others). I’d probably say a Hufflepuff maybe? It seems to fit him.

For the Avengers group:

Swift is absolutely a Hufflepuff, hands down. Nico-mun says ‘She’s the queen of Hufflepuffs’.

Aislan and Keegan are both quite difficult to place, they fit Slytherin in that they’re both very focused on themselves (from being on the streets for so long), but I feel it’s not their true house? I think after a while, they’d get out of the selfishness and probably… I think I’d put them in Ravenclaw with just wanting to learn now that they can in a safe environment and such.

Rose is 100% a Gryffindor, I mean she started the whole fight against that group that had captured her and the twins (and others)… only a Gryff would do something idiotic like that.

Nova is definitely a Ravenclaw. Loves to learn, she’s very smart… yeah I’d definitely place her in Ravenclaw.

Liam is a harder one… probably… Slytherin.

And then my unnamed one (light manipulation) I think would be in Slytherin as well. She’s quite self-centered, cunning, resourceful, etc.

  • 19. Something that makes your OC cry without fail?

Chiela can’t stand any kind of animal being hurt, and merely the thought of it makes her incredibly sad. She is vegetarian, uses cruelty free products, etc.

If the group has to kill animals to survive in the middle of the city, she won’t be anywhere near them when they do it or she’ll just start bawling.

Meta’s terrified of heights, to the point of tears! She’d absolutely cry any time she had to climb or anything like that.

  • 20. A obscure/ridiculous fear your OC has?

Chiela has claustrophobia. If she’s stuck in a small space, she’ll turn into the smallest animal she can manage and if that’s not enough to make her feel less trapped she’ll have a complete melt down/panic attack.

Since she still feels the connection to her body when she’s projecting, leaving the space using her projection doesn’t help much, if at all.

Meta is Atheist (yes we did that), but she has this ‘weird’ fear in the back of her brain she can’t really explain of going to hell. She is terrified that she’ll go to hell for whatever reason, even though she technically doesn’t believe in hell existing.

  • 21. Does your OC have any type of disability, whether it be mental, physical, etc?

Chiela has trouble dealing with high stress situations, as she’s been shown to get easily pissed off and jumpy, but otherwise she doesn’t have anything passed a bit of an anxiety problem.

Meta has really bad anxiety, especially social anxiety (which Herb is not going to help whatsoever. The fact that they’re a devil and angel, they make each other just in general uncomfortable.

She also suffers from selective mutism (this one was actually generated by the generator thing!).

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38 38 38 3 8 38 38 :333

  • 38. Random thunderstorm! How does your OC react?

Chiela isn’t actually afraid of thunderstorms. Since she feels quite a bit closer to nature than the other three, most of the naturally occurring things like thunderstorms and earthquakes and such don’t scare her. (Which is why she’s freaked about this, she knows its not an earthquake.. which is what Meta seems to think it was. She’s in for quite a shock when they get out of their little prison).

Meta only feels uneasy during storms, not ‘hide under the covers’ scared. She wants to be close to others, even if its her comforting someone. Definitely not as afraid as she is of heights though.