probablyadragon  asked:

✩ Grooming, brushing, or tending to their hair. ✗ Bathing, washing, or soaking together quietly after sex. Khottz & Yakez ❤️❤️

Implying they had sex, huh? Maybe not, yet.


A day at Southsun Beach was just what Yakez needed on his day off after a busy week at the flower shop. His close friend Khottz invited him. The two had been hanging out a lot recently and Yakez really enjoyed his company. After a swim Yakez sat at the edge of the water and took his brush out of his bag to comb his hair. He had to let his hair down to swim and wanted it nice and neat before putting it back up, but was having a bit of trouble with the knots in his hair.

“Let me help you with that,” he heard the other asura say as the brush was taken from his hands.

Normally Yakez doesn’t like anyone messing with his hair, but he trusted Khottz. They even wore their hair up in the same style. Both of them where sitting at the edge of the water now as Khottz gently got all the knots out of Yakez’s hair and combed it. Relaxed, Yakez snuggled up against Khottz as he gingerly worked at his hair. Even after Khottz was done putting Yakez’s hair up, the two continued to cuddle as they soaked their feet in the water.

“Thank you!” Yakez said with a smile and blush in his cheeks.