probablyadragon  asked:

A random kiss # for both Nakk+Broos, and Khottz+Figg ❤️

Recovering a moment from the steamy kiss Nakk grins wryly. “You know that’s never all.” Kissing along Broos’s neck and up his jawline, his wandering hands find purchase on something else as their lips meet again and the engineer hums cutely into it. <3

“Awwwh! But I wanted to explore!” The young elementalist whined as Khottz escorted him to the compound.

“You will have time enough to slap skritt and spiders around after your classes. You need a passing grade or higher on your metamystics final to get that extra point one GPA Broos was yacking about or whatever.” Khottz admonished the youth leaning down to peck him on the forehead. “Have fun kiddo. Alchemy knows someone has to in those dull lectures.”