Want to practise your clicks? Try learning some KhoeKhoegowab, a Khosian language spoken in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. 

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(Art by Rhasodii-kun)

Aigamucha or Aigamuxa


Habitat- Sand Dunes

Origins- Khosian, Khoikhoi (South Africa)

Large man eating ogres with a mostly human like appearance that live in the dunes desserts. They have fangs of a bear and big hands and feet. They also have large eyes but not on their faces on their feet instead.

External image

Like with most ogres they are slow and can be easily fooled, especially when chasing its prey as it needs to stand on its hand and lift at least one foot in the air to see.


The complexity of Khosian languages is amazing. What unifies them is the use of click consonants. These two young Namibian school teachers offer some basic lessons in the four central click consonants of KhoeKhoegowab the most widespread of the Khosian languages. I still don’t quite get how European ears got “Hottentot” out of these sounds.