So here’s this thing, literally months in the making.

Characters from Paige, Khorme, and Alloy all make an appearance here.  

This picture gave me a huge respect for people who can actually do cityscapes decently, holy shit.  This can hardly be called a city at all, and it still murdered my face.  This was probably too ambitious a project for someone who doesn’t do this kind of thing very often, but it’s done-ish, so I’m happy.

EDIT:  Fuck you Tumblr!  Have the picture in a legible resolution over here on Imgur.

I meant to post this a long time ago since I got it but I’ve had a person or two who was mostly interested in seeing the Ultramare in the note. 

Thanks again to dunkinponuts who sent me his old Gameboy Colour since I was looking for one! And it came with Pokemon Blue that had a save file with Paige on it

Also, there’s something really cute about a stoic pony like Ultramare holding a gameboy in her mouth.