Here’s a compilation of Khord Kitty (yes, that one) trying to unload a pet they don’t want to take care of. All the while gushing about how much they love their other pets. What particularly gets me is that Khord says that they’re just going to kill it because they don’t want to take the time and patience to care for it.

Ugggh this just pisses me off beyond belief. Irresponsible pet ownership 101 right here. If you’re not willing to put in time to socialize your animal and properly take care of it, then DON’T OWN THE FUCKING ANIMAL. And for the love of all that is good, DON’T say you’re gonna feed it to a snake, because chances are that means live and rats are already dangerous enough for reptiles to feed live, I don’t even wanna THINK about a rabbit.

- Snake Mod

This Tumblr Culture is Foreign To Me

Like, seriously. What the fuck is a social justice warrior and why have I never seen one in my life? 

I had a nightmare roommate who never showered and he was the ONLY person in my life who had a tumblr (or talked about it). All he talked about was social justice warriors and he tried to call the employer of someone who’s internet posts he disagreed with. 

Anytime I’ve heard about social justice warriors all I hear about is how they are idiots and they only stay on tumblr. I know NOTHING about any of them. 

Everyone I talk to about tumblr tells me it’s full of drama. Okay…

Negativity, drama, …I’m seeing patterns.

I like to google my name. And, when I do, I get directed to “fucking furries” and “dirty grimy fursuits” where they say I’m neglectful.

No one in the world fursuited at as many conventions as I did. It got worn to it’s maximum potential. Guys sweat more then girls, and if you sweat a lot no amount of rubbing alcohol will be any match. If you drench a fursuit in sweat no amount of drying time is good enough when you’re suiting late night and in the early morning. Fans are no match unless you purchase an industrial grade one.

Gossip, negativity, acidity, drama, idiots,… not a single person in my life has had anything positive to say about this website. Nothing positive has ever resulted from me looking or posted on this website. So, why am I posting now?

I thought… maybe someone on tumblr can save this website for me! Maybe you can help me USE this website for good!

Hey, I’m looking for furry dance music producers to collab with me to make a fursuit dance competition mix for a future con! I’m looking for furverts willing to lend their fursona for an adult commission! I’m looking for house cats who LOVE to RP! I’m looking for friendly furries to chat with me on telegram! I’m looking for furries who’s lived in modular homes to get information from! I’m looking for a writer who would love to write a furry musical with me! If anyone wants to know anything about acting, singing, dancing, songwriting, music composition, or piano playing I’m an expert in those fields and I’ll give anyone advice if they need it!

With all this in mind is there ANY way that any good can come from the website which has a reputation in my life as being a bad place?

Akbar Hunting Blackbuck

by La'l & Kesav Khord

India, Mughal, c. 1586 - 1589

Opaque watercolors and gold on paper

This painting by the Mughal court artists La’l and Kesav Khord depicts the Mughal emperor Akbar (r.1556–1605) hunting for black buck using his trained cheetahs. It is an illustration to the Akbarnama (Book of Akbar), commissioned by Akbar as the official chronicle of his reign.

The Akbarnama was written in Persian by Akbar’s court historian and biographer, Abu’l Fazl, between 1590 and 1596, and the V&A’s partial copy of the manuscript is thought to have been illustrated between about 1592 and 1595. This is thought to be the earliest illustrated version of the text, and drew upon the expertise of some of the best royal artists of the time. Many of these are listed by Abu’l Fazl in the third volume of the text, the A’in-i Akbari, and some of these names appear in the V&A illustrations, written in red ink beneath the pictures, showing that this was a royal copy made for Akbar himself. After his death, the manuscript remained in the library of his son Jahangir, from whom it was inherited by Shah Jahan.