TOP TIPS in Writing an Essay

Hi Everyone!

Here I am going to share my top tips in writing an essay as I promised. I follow these tips every time I write a paragraph and hopefully this is going to be helpful because I know that writing an academic piece is unnatural thing to do and not easy~ *experiencing myself*

Each of paragraph in your essay MUST CONTAIN - PEEL!

Point - You have to make your argument or point which is usually located in the first sentence of a paragraph (except for introduction- where you put your argument at the end of paragraph)

Evidences - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Remember that evidences are countless BUT you need to choose evidences that explicitly supporting your arguments (Don’t forget REFERENCE it! and QUOTATION MARKS)

Examples - Giving examples and illustrations is a helpful way to send your point across to the readers and markers. So, they know that you are fully understand with the concept.

Link - This is a point where people is most likely to miss. The last part in your paragraph needs to link back to your main argument. This is a way to remind the readers what is going on in your piece of writing so, the will not get confused and lost while reading.

Now, let’s get start it!

Decides your argument - Collect the information and references - START WRITING!! (I hope you get a high grade by following these all tips)

Good Luck,

-Khoirun Mumpuni