Yoda:Looks really chill, nothing can bother him. Probably listens to Eminem in his room and dancing. Really smart, probably was bullied by kids when he was Padawan. But who’s laughing now?

Mace Windu:Hates everything. Has no tolerance for our boy Anakin. Or anyone else. Sceptical. Probably insults every member of the Order internally.

Kit Fisto:His smile can cure cancer. Chill dude. Loves water. Generally awesome. Deserves better. Probably everyone’s best friend.

Obi-Wan Kenobi:Sarcastic. Sassy. Classy. Eyes to die for. Bassicly what I look for in a guy. Amazing hair 10/10. Fashionista. Has a secret girlfriend, and a child (I am 100% convinced that Korkie is Obitine love child, fight me.) Better than anyone else.

Anakin Skywalker: Wears all black, looks fabulous in his clothes. Has a secret wife. She probably taught him secrets of fashion. Reckless. Eyes to die for. Hair on point 10/10. Has an awesome Padawan. Would die for his friends. Best guy out there.

Plo Koon:Father of all the clones. Loves them. Adores them. Loves Anakin’s Padawan. Loves everyone generally. Deserved better.

Ahsoka Tano:BADASS BITCH. Outfits on point. Holds lightsaber’s backwards, because she is awesome. Better than you. Kickass. Sarcasm is pouring out of her. Generally awesome.

Shaak Ti:Goddess. Spends time with clones, believing in them. Calm. Pretty. Classy. Deserves better.

hazyxthoughts  asked:

"How do I send texts again? I press this?" "No, wait, don't! Oh shit you sent it to ALL YOUR CONTACTS!!" "I DID WHAT"

This prompt literally made my shitty exhausting day a hundred times brighter and I love you for it.

Draco: Listen, Weasley, I have a favour to ask of you. Humongous favour. One that you can never tell anyone about if you don’t want to lose your balls, your dick and your nipples all at once.

Ron: *alarmed* I’m listening?

Draco: See, since Harry is on a mission and I can’t physically reach him I would like to send him some photos, to, khm, keep him entertained. And I forgot how to send photos along with texts.

Ron: *nervous* What kind of, umm, photos exactly?

Draco: *smirks* Exactly the kind you’re thinking about.

Ron: Uhhh

Draco: C'mon Weasley. I will cover your ass in front of Granger for a whole year.

Ron: Really? Hmm..she does go hard on me sometimes… Circe, fine. I just hope I don’t go blind from seeing your ugly naked arse. 

Draco: Ugly? Potter begs to differ. *winks*

Ron: *chokes*

Draco: *takes out his spell phone* Look, these are all the photos I want to send.

Ron: *squints at them sideways*  MERLIN’S MIGHTY MOUSTACHE. *covers his eyes with his hand*  How much must I have sinned in this life to deserve to see this. *opens his eyes a tiny bit * NO! No! Don’t click on it. That’ll only enlarge it and I don’t think I’ll survive seeing your ass up clos-  ohmygod I see your balls too and is that your di- OHGOD *closes eyes*

Draco: Stop being so dramatic, Weasley. My ass, as well as my other parts, is exquisite. Now, how do I send these again? I press this, right?

Ron: NO! No, wait, don’t! Oh shit, you sent it to ALL YOUR CONTACTS!!

Draco:  I DID WHAT?

Ron: *whispers in shock* You sent it to everyone.



Draco: Of course, he does! He likes to keep up with the trends!


When I first read the Murder Arc, I couldn’t help but admire the mention of Carmilla in it, because there are certain parallels between the two story.
Carmilla -a short story by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu-was published before Dracula, in 1872, and it’s about a travelling vampire, Carmilla, who -because of an accident-happens to live with the narrator of the story, a young girl for a while. She basically starts to slowly devour her, while keeping her very close. In the end she is defeated and destroyed, head sliced off, you know all that funny vampire stuff.
Now you may say “that’s nothing like kuro” and to that I reply “everything can be kuro, if you’re obsessed enough”. No, but serious talk.
1, the whole concept of a beast devouring a human is the same in both stories. They meet, they bond, one of them has dinner, the other is dinner. Vampires and demons in stories are not that far apart

2, to the interesting part: The story of Carmilla heavily implies something deeper than friendship between the vampire and the girl. And it’s not just “fans see gay everywhere”, it’s really pretty obvious. The narrator once even mentions that Carmilla is like a passionate lover and that confuses her. Le Fanu connects a dark sexuality and hunger together, and it’s delicious. It’s the same subtext that Kuroshitsuji has with Sebastian and Ciel, never telling explicitly but always hinting at something deeper, something more.

3, the narrator is a special meal for Carmilla, just like Ciel is for Sebastian. While she stays with her, she sucks a lot of young girls dry, but she always finishes them off in one sitting, while she is slow with the narrator, enjoying her to the fullest, sometimes even influencing her in her beliefs and opinions (Does that remind you of anyone?)

4, Carmilla is obsessive. No, like really scary obsessive over the narrator. Khm Sebastian

Conclusion: I found it interesting that Yana mentioned Carmilla, because of the parallels regarding the relationships between the beasts and the preys. This unhealthy, toxic obsession blooming from hunger, melting into sexuality and/or presenting itself in the form of an intimate friendshiplike something is at the core of both stories, and knowing Yana that can’t be a coincidence. What do you think? :) (btw I’ll have to write something about the first time Ciel read Carmilla bc that boy is no fool)

Sneakily tagging you @abybweissekurorefs because I know that you’re interested in the referenced bits and bobs :)

lol hi
Remember that one time i said there was too much Taekook on my dashboard and it kinda made me want to make an actual taekook fanfic recommendation? 

It happened, look i have proof.

So yes, people, i am here to serve. And boy, i collected 30 frickity frackity fanfics. All pure quality, i loved every word of them and guys,,,, one of them made me legitimately cry. For 10 minutes. I’m not the crying type let’s just say that okay

oh and, none of these belong to me all the rightful owners will be mentioned next to the titles!! NOW ENJOY BYE

whatta man (good man) by aeterisks

Hickory by rix

- Rich Bitch by mindheist

- Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint

- Catch My Eye by AwkwardBeansidhe

- your happiness is all that i’ll ever need by demiMisanthrope

- all the right wrongs by aeterisks

- King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye

- maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes

- pick me up, buttercup by vppa

- the moon and the stars (are nothing without you) by wowoashley

- it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations

- don’t let your love go to waste by krscnl

- Our red scarf (keep me warm) by MirreRover

- chasing rollercoasters by florets

- canceled flights by voyages

- Call Me Tweet Me If You Wanna Reach Me by taekover

- All’s Fair in Coffee and War by expplipo

- Frooty Loopy by 010899x

- i’d give you some violets, but they withered by taehyuungi

- Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist

- i just wanna stay in the sun by nikkumeul

- butterfingers by Batman

- Never Let Me Go by mindheist

- Hiraeth by haruguk

- Stuffed Drumsticks and Cotton Candy Kisses by jeonnifer

Alex look away I’m not kidding
- (thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo
yup, this is the one that made me cry, have fun kids

- dating for dummies by sugasus

- come on, lattice bond by sassyneki

- maps to you by cosmostasis

;) you didn’t realise but here comes the 31th

- Will you be my Forever? by flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs)

Sooooooo this is it. If you liked some of them or one of them (khm expplipo i’m kidding you’re a wonderful writer) made you cry you know where to find me. I love to suffer in groups and i especially encourage people to tell me about their suffering.

Inktober 3 - Poison

“Some souls have connection beyond knowledge. I’ll find you, Sourwolf! Doesn’t matter how.

I’m in a little bit  - khm - delay - khm… but I got the flu, my everything hurt, and I’ve a 39 °C degree fever, so I was totally knocked out for two days. This was all I could coming up with right now. Maybe next time I’ll be more creative. ;)  Hint: those purple something are the wolfsbane. :P 

You can find my previous works here:

Inktober 1 - Swift

Inktober 2 - Divided

Valentin nap

Szóval eljött.14-e van. Valentin nap. Remélem mindenkinek jól telik. Na jó, ez vicc volt. Remélem mindenkit aki szeretné, megbasznak ma. De minimum egy csokit vagy virágot kapjatok. :)

Régen szerettem a Valentin napot. Amikor még nagyon Faceztem. Keményen toltam. Együtt a sok szerencsétlen önmagát sajnáltató 12 évessel. Régen volt. :D

Régen azért is szerettem, mert kaptam csokit. :) Apától meg legjobb haveromtól. Mindig elmondhattam, hogy én bizony kaptam csokit. :D De mostmár nem. Pár éve apám is leszokott a csoki adásáról, mondván ő nem a pasim. Kérjek attól. De addig jó volt. Mostmár ő nem itt lakik, nemhogy adna csoki. De mindegy, ez most nem apámról szól.(A szöveg).

Szóval mindig csokit kértem. A virágokat utálom, bocs ha most megsértettem valakit, (mondván legalább örülnék neki, ha annyit kapok,) de én nem látom értelmét egy szál vagy csokor virágnak, ami oké, hogy pár napig elismerem tényleg szép, de aztán elhervad és csúnya lesz. Akkor már inkább maradjon a földbe. Ott szép marad sokáig.

Szóval nem látom értelmét a V napnak. Sok szerelmes nyáladzik, és mások orra alá dörgöli, hogy neki ma bizony van valakije… de ha szeretnek téged mitől más a V nap, mint az összes többi? Ha máskor nem ajándékoznak meg random virággal/csokival (az én esetemben csokival), akkor ma miért? Mert V nap van? Ez hülyeség. Aki szereti a másikat ne csak február 14.-én mutassa ki a szeretetét, hanem minden nap is… de mind1. Nem az én dolgom.
Lényeg a lényeg, tudom, hogy sokan amúgy is gyűlölik az életüket, ( én is), de a tanácsom az, hogy amikor megláttok egy szerelmes párt, gondoljatok arra, hogy máskor a csaj nem kap virágot. Lehet, hogy emiatt van a pasival, csak kapjon valamit ma. ;) Szóval tudom, baszott nyálas lesz az egész mai nap.. (fúj utálok belegondolni, mi lesz ma a suliba… gusztustalan. . :/) De gondoljatok arra, hogy ez az év egyetlen napja, amikor a fél világ át van verve. Szomorú.
Próbáld úgy nézni a mai napot, hogy “milyen szép pár, valószínűleg holnap szakítanak” és ne úgy gondolj az egészre, hogy neked nincs senkid, hanem h lehet holnap már annak a lánynak se lesz, aki ma baszott boldog.(tudom csúnya dolog, de én csak így tudom túlélni a napot napközbeni sírás nélkül. )

Na, mindenkinek szar Valentin napot, a szjgereknek pedig : Boldog születésnapot Ricsi! ;)

Your secret admirer

Summary: By this request.
Bucky x reader
Warnings: Fluff, Jealous!Bucky 
Words count:1075

Originally posted by monstacookies

You and Bucky are married for 3 years now. The past two years you didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day. In the beginning he always gives you flowers and hide cute messages all over the house, and took you out for a fancy dinner. But now you didn’t celebrate it at all. You are not the biggest fan of Valentine’s day but at least he could send you a flower.

So that’s why you are really surprised when a carrier bring you flowers from your secret admirer 7 days before Valentine. It was your favorite kind of flower. You thought it was Bucky and he try to be nice again. You put the flowers in water and placed them on the dining table so Bucky can see it.

Dinner time is come and when you both sit down Bucky looked at the flowers with furrowed eyebrows. “You bought yourself flowers?” he asked you. You are confused. Is he playing with you or he really didn’t buy those flowers? But then who?

“I thought it was you. A delivery man give this to me from my secret admirer. I thought it was you.”Bucky shared his head. 

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