Nom Ahkaow
steamed rice cake

This is my practice batch before I make them for Khmer new year’s. I was worried about the texture because my mom’s friend, who’s the queen of Khmer pastries, makes hers differently and her texture is harder than mine. But my parents loved mine! YAY WIN! My dad said the texture is soft and chewy like how they’re made in Cambodia. Whoop whoop. ^.^

I flavored the green ones with pandan and the white with almond. The pink ones are regular. I’m not sure about the almond flavor, might not use it again. I served them with shredded coconut and crushed peanuts with sesame seeds. 

Aren’t the cups cute? When my brothers and I were little, we’d pour juice into them and pretend we’re drinking alcohol. We watched too much Chinese ancient series. XD

To all my Khmer peeps

I want to write a story about a Khmer magical girl. You know the ones like Sailor Moon and such. However, when she transforms she would turn into an Aspara. I would love to integrate creatures from our mythology and folk tales like judge rabbit, the monkey king, ect. 

I know next to nothing about our mythology. And a whole bunch of you live on the west coast and have these great resources I can’t access. So much of our history is destroyed and seeing the only representation in media be east asian bugged me a lot growing up. 

Of course I got google but I was wondering if anyone remembered stories their parents used to tell them as a kid, or would like to help out linguistically since I can only understand Khmer spoken, I can’t structure a sentence on my own. 

Again this is nothing serious, it’s just an idea cooking in my head. I just wanted to know if there was any interest. 

Not sure if I want her to be stationed in Cambodia or in another country, since I grew up American and I don’t have enough personal experience to accurately depict a full native in the homeland. I have tons of material for being an immigrant though. 

I’ll probably just be coming up with sketches of her. Some representation is better then none.


Really neat videos from this guy!  After getting a basic foundation of learning all the consonants, vowels, and subscripts (how they look as well as how they sound) from my parents, watching through this video helped to reiterate what I’ve learned.  I was quite surprised that I was able to read all of the simple words/sentences before he read them out to me, and this helped me gain a bit of confidence.  I’m nowhere near reading Khmer at the level that I want, but with practice and determination, we can do this!  Let’s go, Khmericans! 

Wishing I lived near a Wat, or that Khmer was taught at my school… But we have to live with what we have, adapt to our circumstances and make it possible no matter what! 

Mee Katang
Khmer chow fun

Mee katang means Cantonese noodles in Khmer. I’ve seen it prepared different ways. My mom likes to make hers dry. Many Khmer restaurants prefer gravy over noodles. I like mine in between. Btw, do NOT get fresh noodles if you make this. It took an hour to peel apart 64oz of noodles and that’s with the help of my mom. Peeling can be fun though but it’s tedious and the noodles can break apart if you’re not careful.