no rice no life

Cambodia won the Best Rice Award for 2014! It’s actually been the third year in a row for Cambodia to win this.

I feel happy and proud haha. Like, having your motherland have the best rice in the WORLD!!! Do you guys even know how many different types of rice there is? And we got #1???

Srok Khmer got that good good

Khmer Pride
  • Khmer Pride
  • Willy
  • Stay reppin LBC cuhz.

Khmer Pride - Willy 

This song is written by a rapper named Willy from Long Beach. He’s an African American that was adopted by a Cambodian family and grew up as a Cambodian. He has more Khmer pride and Khmer love than most Cambodians have nowadays and talks about peace and unity in the community. Peep the tracc, I know the song is not the best quality but listen to the lyrics, it’s hella raw. He even has a tattoo across his stomach that says “Afrobodian.” That’s pride ryee there!