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I want to learn a new language but I'm hoping for it to be a language with a different alphabet, kinda like Russian. Do you know any more languages with different alphabets from the english/french/spanish alphabet category?

Well, the number of languages that fit the criteria is massive. Like, I can list a few, but most won’t even be covered. There are also conlangs, which I didn’t include. Here are a few:

Scripts with Multiple Languages

Cyrillic Script

  • Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Macedonian , Kazakh, Kyrgyz,Tatar, Mongolian, Rusyn + more.

Devanagari Script

  • Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Nepali, Sanskrit, Bodo + more.

Arabic Script

  • Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Malay (Jawi), Uyghur, Kurdish, + more

Hebrew Script

  • Hebrew, Hulaula, Shuadit, Yiddish, Zarphatic + more

Ge'ez Script

  • Amharic, Ge'ez, Tigrinya, Tigre

Georgian script

  • Georgian, Laz , Mingrelian Svan

Chinese Characters

  •  Chinese, Japanese (Kanji), Korean (Hanja), + more

Thai Script

  • Thai, Southern Thai, Northern Khmer and Lao 

Other Script Languages

  • Cherokee
  • Armenian
  • Korean
  • Tamil
  • Japanese 
  • Manchu
  • Thai
  • Mongolian
  • Greek
  • Javanese
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Khmer

Also, keep in mind that over 100 languages use the Latin script, so there is variety in that too. For more scripts, go nuts on this site.


Yantras ยันต๎                                                                                                  

19th century, Image and desription via The British Library: “Manual containing yantra designs for various purposes including tattooing, the production of protective clothes and battle standards.   Illustrations: Yantra designs on all folios”  Copyright © The British Library Board





 Physical Description                                                                                

  • Materials: Paper folding book (samut khoi)
  • Dimensions: 500 mm x 202 mm
  • Script: Khom script, a variant of Khmer script used in Thailand, and Thai script in yellow ink on blackened paper
  • Binding: Covers with cream cotton fabric

Yantra description post

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do you know what the meanings of angelinas tattoos are?xx

The meaning of her know your rights tattoo depends on who you ask. Some say that it pertains to the song by The Clash because they are allegedly Angie’s favourite band, and others say that it’s related to her UN work and how everyone should be aware of their basic human rights prior to abusing them.

This one was gotten shortly after she adopted Maddox. It is written in Khmer script and is there to protect her and her son from misfortune. According to many fansites the translation is:

May your enemies run far away from you.
If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always. 
Your beauty will be that of Apsara.
Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides. 

The cross is there to cover up a tattoo that she got in Amsterdam and later on regretted. The tattoo next to it means “what nourishes me also destroys me” in Latin.

There is an “H” on her wrist for her brother whose middle name is Haven.

Her tiger tattoo was done by the same monk that did the one on her shoulder. She got it to celebrate her citizenship to Cambodia. It also kinda incorporates this tattoo as well as covers up a tattoo of a window that she had. 

This one is Arabic and reportedly means “strength of will.”

The roman numerals are the date of Churchill’s “blood, toil, tears, and sweat” speech. 

This one is a Tennessee Williams quote that says “a prayer for the wild at heart kept it cages.”

She has one on her inner thigh that says Whiskey Bravo which is Brad’s first and second initials using the military alphabet (his full name is William Bradley)

This one is the longitudes and latitudes of the birthplaces of her children.

She has a new one that no one has figured out the meaning of yet, nor has Angie mentioned it anywhere. There are a bunch of swirly things around some of her arm and back tattoos that are probably just there for “decoration.” There are also a few that have been either covered up or removed (including the infamous Billy Bob tattoo.)

Hopefully I included them all!