khmer faces


  • 600 names - all of these names can be used for any gender, but I divided them into what gender they traditionally are (male, female, unisex)
  • Common and unusual names
  • Definitions and nationalities
  • Pronunciations for Irish/Scottish Gaelic names
  • English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Greek, German, Latin, French, American, Spanish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Iranian/Persian names

** denotes a name heavily associated with a preexisting entity, fictional or real

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Happy Asian Face Appreciation Day.

Fuck everyone who ever made me hate my monolid eyes and tan complexion. I’m still fighting to love myself when every woman in my family has had cosmetic surgery to “correct” their monolids and when my mom is constantly telling me I won’t be pretty until I get mine done. I love you, but you’re wrong.