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“I started using the gym as my stress reliever, and I did not think that I could ever be fit. I really was just content with who I was and I never felt uncomfortable – I just always thought that was who I was,” Kardashian said during a Live Chin Up Movement panel. “

This only gives me more reason to not like her and her sisters. Why lie tho Khloe, you lying about how you really got that body says you aren’t confident. I hate that they know they have a huge influence on young girls and don’t use it correctly, and let me be clear I’m not at all knocking her for getting work done. If it makes you happy got for it, but please don’t lie to everyone and pretend like you were in the gym and then have the audacity to give advice and tips on his to get this body you didn’t work for. So many young people struggle with loving themselves and unfortunately they look up to the wrong people. People Magazine is trash for this. Please stop living for them in 2017!


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