khloe kardashian and the game

Keeping up with (The Kardashians) Drinking Game

1 drink

Kris cries
Kim cries
Khloe says something inappropriate
Kourtney says honey or not cute
Anyone says bible
Brody complains about Kris/Kim
Anyone imitates Bruce
Scott wears something ridiculous
Mason or Penelope do something adorable
Kendall or Kylie look too old for their age Kim is a buzzkill
Kourtney and Khloe are goofing around at a serious function
Kim or Kris feels left out
A family vacation
Someone’s hair color changes
You wonder what anyone of the guys do for a living
Anyone changes houses (I.e. Gets a new house or moves in with someone new) 
Kim is late Khloe feels like the redheaded stepchild
The episode ends with someone saying something cliche
Someone says doll/doll face.
Scott says something about his title as “the Lord”
Someone says rude.

2 drinks

Anyone undergoes a medical procedure
A pet is shown
Anyone says zsa zsa
Scott is responsible
Kourtney says something profound
Kim defends Kris
Anyone gets upset about something they brought upon themselves
Kim gives a little too much tough love
Bruce is the last to know something
Kendall and Kylie do something that reminds you how young they are
You feel bad for Bruce and the man (woman?) he’s become
Someone never comes to a family vacation
You think Brandon and Leah should be give sainthoods
Bruce gets offended
Khloe doesn’t want to show her emotions
Bruce and Kris look happy together


Rob is in an episode
A prank is played on Kris
Lamar resurfaces
Kourtney becomes pregnant
Kim starts a new relationship
Anyone gets married
Anyone gets divorced
Scott’s the only one who makes sense and no one listens
Kourtney cries
Any girl is shown playing a sport (not working out)
A famous guest star appears who you recognize
You long for the days of Season 1 when they were a little more relatable and a little more of a family

‘I definitely listen to Taylor Swift. I like to be relaxed before the game.

I love rap and hip hop to get me going, but I gotta be able to calm myself down [from] all the anxiety.

He named tracks Shake It Off and Bad Blood as particular favorites.’

Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s BF and Cleavend Cavalier basketball player on what he listens to before a game. (TRL)