Vityaz Chekhov vs. Avangard Omsk - 691 Penalty Minutes

Call me crazy, but I love this rivalry. Oh, I want to go to a game soooo bad on Omsk ice. Breaking it down for NHL fans:

Remember how Philly was known as the Broad Street Bullies? That’s how I see Chekhov. It’s like having nothing but enforcers on one team, pretty much. Intense, intense hockey. Rough, hard hockey to play, but damn. Avangard, I’d like to think of a modern(sort of) LA Kings/San Jose Sharks. Closer to the Kings at times. Sharks other times. People are in love with the team there, but no matter where you go, you’ll find those few fans, but not everywhere. Maybe even like Pittsburgh a bit. Regardless, they are nothing like Chekhov.

Every hockey rivalry has their dawn. Their creation. There was an accident when the Hawks were playing Chekhov. I’m not talking about it. It’s not my place, and I get defensive. To save us all the worry, go to Avangard’s Wikia page. Learn something every day. Regardless, both teams were given blame for this, in a way, and after paying hefty fines(I wish I could remember the numbers), both teams kind of left it alone, after one of these massive “physical arguments”. Haha.

Yet, regardless, we have these massive brawls are so amazing to watch, because it’s always fun to see team-wide fights, but scary for me. I don’t even see this in the NHL, but it’s what I love about the Kontinental Hockey League. Another “Super Brawl”, as I think it was called, Omsk and Chekhov generated 840 Penalty Minutes. 

Probably one of my most favourite hockey rivalries to have ever existed. :)