HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY BABY ♥ ~~ So now you are already 28 years old… I wish you the best in your life I hope you will find your happines I hope you stay healthy & enjoy your life to the fullest ~ I hope you will smile like you do forever. I hate seeing you sad crying unhappy it hurts me sometimes when I see you like this I want to take all the pain away from you so that you never will have a reason to be sad again… Please be never sad again oppa I like you being happy the most :3 ♥ ~
Thank you for working so hard for us Thank you for giving us the chance to love you Thank you for loving us Thank you for giving us happiness Thank you for taking care about us Thank you for giving me a reason to live Thank you for making my day when I look at your picture Thank you for giving me strenght Thank you for having such a wonderful smile Thank you for everything that you have done Thank you for having such a beautiful voice Thank you for making music that gives me strenght … just thank you for being alive !

08.09.12 that is the date where I first got to know you.
I’ve watched playful kiss and fell in love with you at first sight
I started to search for you on google stalk some sites about you & the more I got to know you the more I felt in love with you. Back then when I’ve lived a life without getting to know you it was horrible …Back then I was often depressed I really had no reason to live I didn’t had someone to relay on.. family… don’t want to start talking about them … .my life was hard & I didn’t
had the strenght to live anymore I really had the wish to die. But starting the day I’ve got to know you my life changed. You gave me strenght to live. Everyday when I wake up I look at your photos & smile … Just your smile gives me enough strenght to live on. When I watch your videos it sometimes makes me cry because I would die to just see you if it’s only for 10 sec . . I really don’t know if I will ever meet you but when I somehow get the chance to meet you I want to thank you for giving me a Reason to live for giving me strenght.You are my star,my life, my strenght & my love. I really don’t know how I could live my life without you.

saranghae Kim hyun joong ~