Taemin’s faces are great for every situation.

When you don’t want your picture taken, but they take it anyway.

When you didn’t think someone could be so stupid that it amazes you when they are.

When your friends are fake and want to finally go out when you feel like shit.

When someone is trying to explain something that makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

When you full as fuck but ya mom makes bomb ass dessert.

When you see someone being nasty as hell.

Kim Hyun Joong sympathizers.

If you reaaally feel that you have met the right person, the person you are fated to be with, then that person will become your friend. It’s inevitable. Last night, I had to be sleeping but I couldn’t fall asleep.. And I kept telling myself not to snack late at night, and I was trying to stop myself. But it was like telepathy, and Hyejung, from the other room, comes in and asks, “Do you want to eat a hamburger?” I said sure, and we went out together to buy hamburgers. In our pajamas.
And as we went around doing that together, what I felt was that she really is just like my friend. A friend who eats with me late at night. No matter what, friends are the best.

Tablo, Dreaming Radio (July 8, 2014) 

(via yv-onne)