At the Astin Family Home

Benny and Lloyd hugged as they watched a movie together. Benny had very much enjoyed his time at the Al Farsi’s. While the others had cringed at Khizer’s terrible stories and the ear splitting stereo screeches of two babies in the one room had made them cover their ears, he had loved spending time with them. While they were all so different, they all seemed to care for each other and have their own places within the family; it was something that he had always wanted for himself.

As he sat with his head on Lloyd’s shoulder, he tried not to think about returning to the shared home in a couple of day’s time. He was looked after there and no one had treated him poorly, but it just wasn’t the same.

Notes: A rare hatless Benny appears!

Why do I play so slowly?

Because I don’t have plans, when I play (unless there’s something special to organize, like a prom, a Christmas party, or whatever), I always follow a random Sim to see where he’s going, what he’s doing, and I make my non-stories from there (and it’s exactly why they’re not stories but non-stories! ;D)

For example… Remember that last week, I was playing with Valérie Lanoix, and I suspected her to have a crush on Farid

After having been crashed by Farrah, they’ve been (well, Valérie has been…) bothered by Khalil, who was goofying around (and by Valérie’s mother, but that’s another story!) Anyway… the Farsi cracked me up, so I clicked on Khalil to make the family active.

I spent the night with the family (here’s the breakfast time), and as the kids and Khizer were off to school, I followed Aimal going to to work…

She works at the clothing store, at the Passage de Bois-Vert, a covered alley with several shops. We paid a little visit at thebakery, because Aimal only had a coffee for breakfast, and I like picturing her getting the habit to buy a bagel just before going to work (letting her daughter and husband thinking she’s on diet…)

Then, I entered in Aimal’s clothes shop and I’m pretty proud to not have quitted at taht point, for once. Why? Because I made a long list of all new things Aimal would need for her shop. New bag, new pedestal, new store sign…. Most of the time, I end up by quitting to mesh the things I need, and then, I complain that I don’t play enough! ;D

But Ilona and Piotr entered the shopping alley, and visited the travel agency… So, I made them active, and now, I’m thinking to a way of making them choosing where they’d want to go (obviously, they want some holidays, so holidays they will get! Maybe Christmas at Saarqatoq? Yes, because I’m so slow that they still haven’t celebrated Christmas! I have so much fun at simply following my Sims that I haven’t organized that yet!)


The Al Farsi family home

Aimal and Khizer invited Farrah, Harry and their family (Farid and Drew were spending New Year with Zaid and Sophie) over for New Year’s dinner. Spending New Year without a blinding vodka headache was a new experience for Farrah, who would have considered a prolonged period on the same room as her parents, her insane best friend (Edyta) teenage brother (Khalid), Harry. his teenage brother (Lloyd) and younger sister (Jelena), Lloyds boyfriend (Benny), her four month old son (Hadi) and her six month old sister (Jasmeen) to be absolute hell.

Khizer was simply unhappy that he had bought a massive new dining table and their didn’t seem to be any space for him.

Jelena and Benny took advantage of the unspoken rule that adults who weren’t their parental figures wouldn’t give them into trouble for having cookies for dinner.

The Ten Most Emotionally Intense Humsafar Moments (Cont.):

#9 Khizer’s phone call to Sara

In a twist of epic proportions, one which I confess we saw coming, Khizer wants to claim his prize (Sara) and calls her from the US. Studies done, business started, Khizer is now right up there with Ashar, well at least he seems to think so, but does Sara? In a phone call that can only be described as one-sided, Khizer confesses his love for the “chaant -chudrayl” (not my words!). Punjabi can be such a descriptive language but that aside Sara’s recurring fear is upon her and what can she do? Her hatred for Khizer -the voice, the eyes, the tone - is easily recognizable over that phone call, I wonder what stopped Khizer from arriving at this realization?

For the most uncomfortable proposal in the history of Pakistani dramas (for viewers and actors alike), I give Sara and Khizer’s telephonic tete-e-tete a number nine on this list. 


I’ve moved a large percentage of my Enekjaer sims into TS4. Most live in Crestwood for the moment!

Enekjaer was eaten by the sea or bought over by Llama Research Corp. or something…basically in this AU they had to move off of the island.

* The Clairmonts have moved (with Farid) and Danni runs her own bakery.
* The Astins live in a semi-detatched property with Harry, Farrah, Lloyd, Jelena and baby Hadi on one side and Genevieve, Colm and Aoife on the other.
* Pasqual and Corina live in their own little house. Corina works in Danni’s bakery.
* Khizer and Aimal Al Farsi live with their youngest two children, Khalid (who is still hormonal and grumpy) and Jasmeen. Zaid, Farid and Farrah live with their partners. 
* The Emmett-Lysles and their adopted children Arun and Devon are joined by Benny, who they are fostering.
* Sophie, Zaid and Lucie are settled into their own home and Sophie is fed up with being pregnant.
* The McGoverns also live in Crestwood and the move seems to have distracted Bernice from kicking Marina out…for the moment. 

Edyta is due to move in soon! Her parents and her brother will be moving too!