I only ever intended making 3-4 “urban” playlists but they’ve been some of my most popular - so here we are, with the sixth iteration. I always choose photos with dark urban landscapes because I love listening to these types of songs during chill night drives. Lot’s of underground artists featured in this mix, but I have to admit that the sound quality in some songs might not be the greatest since they’re SO underground and I had to rip them off soundcloud. Regardless, hope you enjoy. As an aside, I’ll probably be posting more songs on UGK now that summer is coming to an end. I’m putting it out there as a way to keep myself accountable hahah. Much love, d

Dream Perfect - Live
Don’t Play (feat. punchnello) - Sik-K
Tattoo (Ft Jay Park) - Elo
Hcilu (Feat. Lym En) - Lilmoney
문제아(Problem) - Owol X Feeldog
I Don’t Disappoint - Jay Park
감아줘 ( Close Up ) - Ryan
Look Into My Eyes (Feat. 니화, Jeebanoff) - 투엘슨 (2LSON)
Don’t Sleep Alone (Feat. Loki) - Krssybear
귀에 대고 말해 (feat. 루이 of 긱스) - 이난 (ENAN)
Swimming Pool - Taylor
Moonlight - Seora (설아.)
Fire (feat. Microdot & Isle) - HAN YO HAN
No Where (Feat. 로꼬) - Sik-K(식케이)
Blackout - Jeebanoff X Deepshower
Rendezvous - Sik-K
No Way (Feat. Kamo) - 니아(Nieah)
They Know (Prod. by Dennis) - 영제이 (Young Jay)
갈증 - Live
She Is S Class - Lehvi
Eternal - Soo While!Ght
ICU (Feat. Andup) - 최초이 (Choix2)
Blue - J.Lu
Same All - Sul
Cactus Flower - Nieah
Higher - Miso
Past - Leesun
Eyes Like Sky (Prod. GIIANA) - D A T M R C O
BLANK (REMIX) - Young Jay
So Faded (텅 빈) - BEVY MACO
Happy Birthday To Me - J.Lu

“Do You Do This Every Day, By Yourself?” (Jay Park)

Requested by anon 

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   You checked your watch, letting out a sigh when you saw the time. “Jay?” you said.


    “I gotta go, I’m sorry,” you said.

    “I thought you didn’t have work today?” he asked.

    “No, but I gotta go drive my sister to school,” you explained.

    “Your sister in Cheongju?” he asked incredulously.

     You nodded. “My dad’s in America for work right now, and my mom drives her to school in the morning, but she’s at work until five, so I have to go pick her up.”

    “But… Isn’t that like an hour and a half drive?”

    You shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s not that bad. I just listen to podcasts and music and stuff.”

    “Do you do this every day, by yourself?” he asked.

    “Yeah. It’s just until my dad gets back though.”

    “Okay, I’m coming with you,” he said. “Let’s go.”

    “You don’t have to!” you said. “You really don’t, Jay.”

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So Elo had his 8Femmes Soul Showcase tonight and the entire AOMG and VV:D crew turned up in support! Of course when dorks hang together, there’s bound to be funny shenanigans backstage…..and here’s Simon D & Crush re-enacting Crush on Happy Together…and Jay Park imitating them.

Love love love seeing the crew together at events… <3 Hoody is so pretty *heart eyes*

Jay and Simon D crooning and harmonizing backstage…

A video posted by Bahar.P (@jwalkerparker) on Aug 29, 2016 at 6:50am PDT

Jay Park be teasing as always….singing snippets of Tattoo with Elo and pretending to run away xD

A video posted by KING LIFE ❤️ AH재범(방년 30짤) (@king_life425) on Aug 29, 2016 at 5:46am PDT

And then they performed properly together…

A video posted by Bahar.P (@jwalkerparker) on Aug 29, 2016 at 7:33am PDT

the crooning….

I Don’t Need You (Simon Dominic)

“I don’t need you, but she does.” - Simon D, exes

A/N: This was supposed to be a short prompt request, but I got inspired and it came out longer than most of my regular oneshots lol. Hope you like it!

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    “When’s daddy coming home?” Minseo asked. You swallowed, your eyes dropping to the table. You didn’t know how to answer.

    “You’ll see him soon, honey,” you said finally.

    “But when’s he coming home?” she implored and you sighed.

    “He doesn’t live here anymore, remember?” you said, reaching to take her small hand in yours.

    Her lip quivered and then she began to bawl. Every time you went through this with her, it had the exact same effect and it never seemed to register with her that he wasn’t coming back.

    “I’m sorry, baby,” you said, getting out of your chair to kneel next to her, wrapping your arms around her. But she didn’t embrace you back, instead just continuing to cry, “It’s your fault he’s gone!” she wailed.

    Again, you didn’t know how to answer. She wasn’t that far off the mark… When she finally stopped crying, you said softly. “Why don’t you finish your breakfast, Minseo?”

    “I’m not hungry,” she said, crossing her arms.

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“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?” (Simon Dominic)

Requested by anon

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    “I’ll be back after work, okay, baby?” Kiseok said, tucking your blanket a little closer around you. “I’ll try to finish up early.”

    “You don’t have to do that,” you said. “I’ll be okay. Seriously.”

    “Nah, I’ll be back,” he said. “You can call me anytime if you need something, and if I can’t come, someone else will. Jukyung said he’s coming in today, but I don’t know why since he doesn’t have anything to do. So I can send him your way if you need a hand.”

    You chuckled. “Okay. Thanks, Kiseok.”

    “No problem. You sure you’re going to have enough to do here?”

     “Yeah, I’ll probably just chill and sleep and stuff,” you said.

     “Okay, sounds good.” He gave you a quick kiss on the lips and waved before leaving.

    You looked down at your unwieldy cast. It had been a bad decision to try to jump down from the stage when Kiseok was warming up and the theatre techs told you you couldn’t be up there. It had been a longer jump than you’d expected, and you hadn’t landed right, resulting in a tumble that broke your leg.

    You grabbed your book from the coffee table and opened it to where you’d put your bookmark.

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