So this is the first installment of an ongoing series I’m doing called the art of being human. The title comes from one of my groups called Abyssinian Creole. Our first album was going to be called AoBH since we saw hip hop as populated by so many people trying to be larger than life. Telling stories of excess or speaking of common peoples plight in such an academic way that only those that read the same books would get it. We strove to tell personal narratives that hi-lighted the human-ness of the peoples everyday struggles. With this series I am attempting to kill peoples notion of what I am as an artist. People still have a tendency to categorize rappers whole life by their genre and get mad when they step out of that box that someone else put them in (i’ve done it myself). With each album I have strived to stay consistent with the roots of why I make music while exploring all the different faucets of my life and lifestyle. I’m continuing that endeavor with this series but on a song by song basis. This first song is a (re)introduction to who I am for former, current and new listeners to my music. expect videos and more music soon. enjoy and please leave a comment.

  • Same As I Ever Was
  • Abyssinian Creole
  • Sexy Beast

Olaf’s Song of the Day:

Abyssinian Creole | Same As I Ever Was | Sexy Beast

Friends, talented musicians, and dedicated community activists, educators and youth workers, Khalil and Gabe united as Abyssinian Creole and put out their album Sexy Beast (a coffee reference) in 2005. Six years later, this album marks an important point in my history, having recently graduated from WSU and moving to Seattle—and everything that comes along with working, socializing, and organizing in a new city. Sexy beast is a time marker for me.

As I listened to “Same As I Ever Was” tonight, I knew I had to share it. While I’m still the same me as I was six years ago, so much has changed both in my own life and the world at large. As life moves forward, I’m happy to have songs like this provide the soundtrack for the future.


“F.U.T.U.R.E.” by Khingz

The Beautiful
  • The Beautiful
  • Abyssinian Creole
  • Sexy Beast

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (09/26/13)

Song: The Beautiful

Artist: Abyssinian Creole

Album: Sexy Beast

If you’re not familiar with Abyssinian Creole, you need to spend some quality time with this album. Gabriel Teodros and Khingz formed an incredible duo and this album showcased the incredible sound and diversity that Seattle has to offer. While ’Sexy Beast’ may be their only album, they continue to create amazing music, whether it’s as AC or on individual projects. Purchase this classic album here


“Conquerors of Mountains (T.hat S.ounds Beautiful)” by Khingz

Two Seattle hip-hop icons team up for the first installment in the “MCs on a Mission” project as Khingz delivers his ode to the Service Board over a beat from BeanOne. Watch the video to hear the full track after Khingz - a long-time tSB mentor - offers a spoken word version of one of the verses.

The MCs on a Mission project benefits the Service Board, a Seattle nonprofit dedicated to empowering high school youth through equal parts leadership development, social justice training, community service and snowboarding.

A donor has already pledged to match the first $500 contributed to the project - with a corporate match backing that - so go toss in a donation over at now and your donation will be tripled!

About the project:

Our favorite MCs and performers, some legends and some learners, post up on our virtual street corner to support tSB. The format is simple. Each performer creates a tSB-inspired song or poem, sets a fundraising goal and pours their heart out. It’s just like the street corner; if you feel it, throw in a couple bucks. We get matching sponsors to amplify your donations to meet the goal. Boom! tSB 2011 is a reality.


the boys are at it again…Turn It Up… the new video from Hi-Life Soundsystem featuring Helluvastate.  sweetness. 


Khingz - “Sea City” (prod. by Fresh Chopped Beats)

Massiah on the cameo come the third hook

We’ve been waiting for a new single from Khingz and we finally get something good. Here’s what he has to say about it!:

“My latest single ‘Hans Gruber’ is kinda my attempt to translate the quite moments of despair about my future and the manic moments of explosive fury that get me creating solo work again. All my frustration and nihilism in one song. And it’s named after the bad guy from the first Die Hard.”

Go download the track for free here.

Thank you everyone that came out to Vermillion to party with OTOW and FatLip from the Pharcyde. Wizdom, Leland Jones, had dope sets while the band Body of Work made both their set and ours unforgettable. My hi lite of thenight (besides BFlat hosting) was performing my new cut good gangsta with a live band.  Here is the album version produced and mixed by the homie PhreeWill.