Delayed Effect

Jay Park; Fluff

“She’s really cute.”

Jay lifted his eyes off the music sheet he had been writing notes on and looked up at you, sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Considering the volume of your voice, he knew you were probably just talking to yourself, and he felt bad. You’d been here for over an hour after coming from work, waiting for him to finish rehearsing for tomorrow’s performance so you two could go home.

You clicked your tongue and pressed your thumb on the screen of your phone.

“Who’s cute?” He asked, tipping his head to the right to catch your attention.

“Her,” you replied without looking at him, as if he was seeing the same thing you were seeing. “She’s tough, I’m telling you.”

“So… she’s cute and tough?”


He put his pen to weigh down the sheet. Something in the way you spoke and how your brows knotted made him really, really curious.

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