AOMG reacting to you asking them to buy pads

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Simon D: At first, he’d probably protest against it just to tease you and watch you whine before finally agreeing to buy them for you. Personally, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be embarrassed about having to do it since he’s the romantic type and understands that it’s a natural thing for every girl.

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Gray: He seems like the type of person who’d be a little flustered upon hearing your request. However, after a bit of convincing him that there’s no reason for him to be uncomfortable, he’d go buy them for you.

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Jay Park: Honestly, you probably wouldn’t even have to ask him because he’ll most likely already be on his way to the store. If he noticed you hadn’t been feeling well beforehand, he’d go out of his way to buy them for you so that when you do ask he just tosses you the bag.

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Loco: He’s so easily flustered that hearing this would make him be at a lost of words for a few minutes until he realizes that he hasn’t even responded. In the end he’ll buy them for you, but the entire time he’s at the store he’d be anxiously passing them by in case anyone was watching.