Her Walking in on Them Masturbating, Offering to Help, and Laughing Her Ass off cause They Were Close to Their Climax and Orgasmed w/o Her Doing Much: MIXED


He smol and innocent he would freeze and stop breathing and then just start gesturing hands in confusion to try and bring his point across- that point was him just trying to say he was sorry but he couldn’t because his mind didn’t even process what happened yet.


Actually mortified because that was the most embarrassing thing that could have happened to him and he wanted to actually crawl under a rock and suffocate because he couldn’t even look you in the face that was covered in his semen as you cackled your ass off.


In great denial because, “No, that never happened. Not in my fucking memory.”


(A veteran in the field has entered) Just an embarrassed chuckle as he’d wipe everything from your face and thank you for the effort. He wasn’t really that embarrassed, since there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed over, really. The two of you have seen worse of each other and this was just a minor time misconduct.


Too stunned to apologize or feel anything but pleasure from the orgasm, really. And even as he’d get off from his high, he’d be much like JongKook and just try and avoid the `small` mishap that sent you on the ground, laughing from memory alone.