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When Axel shows up in KHII in Betwixt and Between, he's already pretty beat up and weak. The manga just explains that Saix did it. Like how the novels showed the scene where Roxas and Axel talked on the Clock Tower after the Sora fight and the scene where Roxas got his name before KHFM did it. Is it good storytelling? No. Is a it a thing? Yeah, kinda.

Neither the novels nor the manga get to make firm declarations about the game canon. Some of their additions are later adopted by the games. But tons of them are not. Some of them actively contradict the games.

It’s a mistake to assume that everything you see in one of the adaptations is actually what secretly happened in the game.

But it’s true: When we meet Axel late in the game, he is visibly beaten up.

Presumably, he’s either fought with Saix personally or just fought with the waves of lesser Nobodies that seem to be chasing him. Either way, he’s definitely pissed off the Organization, and he’s definitely paying for it.

But we know that. Saix says, “We’ll ensure he receives the maximum punishment” for revealing their master plan.

It is canon that Axel’s being hunted by the Organization. What’s not canon is that he actively tried to save Kairi.

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Playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix
  • Me: *destroying heartless for PS3 trophies*
  • Me: Another cutscene okay I'll watch it.
  • KH: *Riku comes on screen*
  • [[In the other room]]
  • Friend: Dude, is she okay?
  • My Boyfriend: She'll be fine. 90% of the time she does that is when Riku appears.
  • Friend: Riku?
  • My Boyfriend: Just one of the many fictional characters she'd leave me for.