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"It says he walked BY the bar, not that he was in it. Not that anything is wrong with that, Kit has gone with members of the cast to gay bars in belfast, before." Yup! That's like everyone posting about Kit going to Yogurtland when he probably just walked by. Nothing wrong with that either of course, although the gay bar definitely sounds more fun. :)

Kit likes to stick his coke can in yogurt, I’m sure. XD 

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Grazi denied hooking up with him in a different interview. It's on Twitter if you want to find it. Then again, maybe you and your friends don't.

I am aware anon, thank you for your concerns about “me and my friends.” Have a seat. 

“Axel looked slowly to Xigbar, panting. As he looked up, Roxas could tell the news was bad. There’s always a way of telling bad news, just from the eyes. It’s as if the light has left them, and they are waiting to be filled with tears, anything to stop the emptiness.”

- I have been working out of chronology on this one, as soon as I fill in the blanks I can start uploading it. 

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I worked with Kit as an extra on Thrones and he was wonderful. He was laughing and joking with us (extras) even though he didnt have to talk us at all. When we were all done weeks later he gave me an autograph. He's a sweet man, I dont know why anyone would say anything less. The only time I saw him cranky was at the end of this long like 15 hour day and we had to keep redoing this one scene over and over. As the manwhoring goes I can't say how many ladies he actually slept with but I do know he

(contd…)  Was very popular with the ladies.

Thank you anon! Yeah I think that random person was just pulling that out of their arse. I’ve seen him around cast, crew, male and female fans etc. and with the exception of when he couldn’t take pictures, or was cranky about the paps, he has always been a lovely person and polite. 

The manwhoring stories are nothing new or surprising. We know the ladies love him and that he loves the ladies. Nothing wrong with that. ;)