A’ophia Khesh was a hard woman.

That was mostly what A’onisya remembered of her mother. Yet she sometimes heard a strange tale of another sort entirely–that her mother had almost never stopped smiling in her younger years.

A’on could hardly remember ever seeing her smile. A’ophia never showed outright malice, but was still cold and aloof for as long as A’on recalled. She clung to many sympathetic ideas to explain her mother’s sternness when she was a child. As an adult, however, she discarded many of those ideas–and wondered if someday she might know the full truth from the once-smiling lips of her mother.

Designed A’on’s mother in the CC recently for fun, and liked her enough to draw her a bit. <3 Maybe someday I’ll post more about her and her role in A’on’s life (and future) on the blog!