kherron20 replied to your post “I have like 15 new cross-stitch kits I want to buy and Glen would be…”

I say go for it. Lord knows I’ve got enough fabric and lace to last a lifetime, you should too! And by Void I hope you mean us fans of you Lady-ship -stares-.

Haha, <3 

I kind of like having kits there to choose from, like, do I feel like flowers or animals or a landscape. I tend to just cross-stitch like…very sedate things as opposed to really cool pop culture things and stuff like that. 

I’ve thought about designing my own but it’s a lot harder than it looks for the big projects. 

I have like, so many bits of yarn / thread / floss around the house it’s ridiculous and awesome. I only got into it a little while ago, and it’s nice to do something that like, will literally take months, because it forces me to slow down and become less goal-focused.

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Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. Send this to 10 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them.

awww, thank you *blushes*


I was tagged by candierobot so here:

If you could live in any era in human history, what would you choose? As my mother pointed out there is not really a past era that appeals to me so I am taking a cop out by saying: the future- where there are robots and slightly more equality. Like seriously no amount of love of history will let me except less rights than I have now, also I would miss the internet.

Hogwarts house and patronus.  Go. Ravenclaw. Like no doubt: I am a double major who spent her first summer of college getting a minor (sort of, it is more than a minor and I still have one class to take); my room is full of books of various genre. And most importantly I like learning for the sake of learning. As for my Patronus. Mmmm. Rattlesnake- in the words of my older brother- I give you a warning before I strike (in rage or because I feel threatened) I just don’t much care if you understand the warning.

What race of Middle Earth inhabitant would you be? Hobbit: I like food (cooking and eating); I am a fine and friendly friend; and I have no problem staying in a one small little area for my life, but I would be damn useful on an adventure.

Would you be a Seelie or Unseelie fae, and what species? Let’s be honest as much as I complain about stupid Seelie honor I am such a Seelie- I hate lying (including of by omission), I have a strict and detailed moral code. I am just also very good at empathy- I get why people do stupid/amoral/immoral/lying things. Hell I go against my moral code often enough. As for species I suppose common fae- maybe a reader.

Would you rather drive a spaceship or ride a dragon? Dragon- I could use it to burn down my enemies. And I bet it would have a really cool texture.  Also I kinda want to kill it to cook with it and I cannot do that with only a spaceship.

What kind of bender would you be in Avatar/Korra? Fire: I am a passionate person who is very good at lashing out. I am fierce in nature as well.

What do you want to eat right now? You know those oatmeal crème cookies? I want the chocolate chip cookie version. I tried to get my mom to buy them this afternoon cause we went but she insisted we get the fudge rounds (which are still good but have you tried the chocolat chip crème cookies. My fucking god they are good.)

Current favorite band/musician? Shinedown probably. I have spent the last week listening to amaryllis. It is a very good album.

Favourite tree? Pine- In the house I lived in until I was ten there were three really big pines that me and my older brothers would play (throwing chalk water water balloons at each other, etc.) under together- also they gave me really nice shade.

What is your quest? To burn this fucking bridge down. Ok actual answer my current goal is to seem appropriately sad and upset for the next week because my grandmother died last week and I wasn’t at the funeral and so I am supposed to be all sad and reverent but it is like she was sick for over a year, she was old, and I was never very close to her. On top of the fact I don’t view death as an exceptionally sad event: either she went to heaven (this part of my family is catholic- so they believe in heaven and I supremely doubt that they think she was a bad enough/not religious enough to not get into heaven, like really stop mourning someone who is by your beliefs in a better place.) or there is no afterlife in which she no longer in anyway exists which is “so sad”

My questions to those tagged below.

Favorite holiday?

Weapon you’d like to learn how to use?

Which color are you?

What superpower do you want? Why?

Any nicknames you have and their significance.

Have you ever collected anything? What?

Least favorite plant? Why?

Who would win a fight- (protagonist of last movie you saw) or (antagonist of your favorite childhood series)

Default sitting position?

How do you sleep- Ways to prep to go to bed; position; etc?

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-nods- That is the thing with the boys, they tend to get stinky and then you wash em and viola! Handsome prince of perfume. Boys can be really sweet though I will admit we were all liking the girls better at first. softness.

Aw yeah, the girls are really soft!  They’re also a lot more energetic than the boys, it seems like.  I’ve only ever had boys, so I have a little bit of a bias, but I love the way the boys tend to be lap rats and cuddle monsters.  Also, I think boys get adopted less often than girls just because their giant balls freak people out, so I’ve always tried to adopt them.  lol

But I do remember going to the pet store once and sticking my hand in a cage of like ten baby girls, and they were all freaking out trying to frantically groom me at once.  I may have tried to take all ten of them home and my friend may have had to drag me away.  :c

kherron20 replied to your post:Hi pia! First, I just want to tell you that your writing has been beautiful and healing for me. Second…well I finally got to reading The Curse (I put it off for a long time because I hated crielle) and now I’m 150% conflicted because ughhhh I like crielle and ludd now too. So question: will we ever get to see what gwyn would’ve been like if he was given real love from crielle and ludd? Or even if he was given to an unseelie family. How would his personality have changed?

would Mage Gwyn still feel the Zahkar in the unseelie court? is it set from birth or is it dependent on how you turn out?

Hmmm, you know I tentatively want to say that the zahakhar is not set at birth, but rather shaped by experiences. But then this is the fae world, and those folks believe in fate, so maybe that would mean that Gwyn’s experiences were fated, and now I’m sitting here having confused myself, lol.

So tentatively I would say that the zahakhar is shaped by life experiences but I’m reserving the right to say ‘no’ in the future. *g*

Actually, The Wildness WIthin will be dressing this a little (because eventually, in that AU, Gwyn will be brought to the Unseelie Court, and we’ll find out if he feels it or not).