In every family there are always women like you. There’s always one who stands out, who looks peculiar to the family, who does things a bit differently, dresses a little differently, wears colors a little differently. And the family is always saying, “Why are you doing that?” In that woman there’s a light that refuses to be turned down or off, no matter how the whole family has been functioning for hundreds of years. You are that light, one of the Medicine Women the whole planet has been waiting for–waiting for you to remember, to bring forth earth wisdom once more. ♥ Queen Afua

The etymology of word Alchemy is Al-Khemet meaning “From Egypt”. Kemet also meant black land or soil what was the synonym for fertile, dark and prosperous soil what covered the banks of Nile every year during the floods. The Egyptians believed their god Thoth was responsible for chemical reactions. The Greek, however, saw in Thoth equal to their own god, Hermes. As time passed the two of them, Thoth and Hermes combined into 1 divine being known nowadays as Hermes Trismegistos who became the patron for alchemists.
“That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.“

Your name is NEPHTO KHEMET, and you are 8 sweeps old. 

You have a number of INTERESTS, including MYTHOLOGY, creating MOSAICS collecting ROCKS, and SINGING TO NO ONE IN PARTICULAR. You really enjoy TROLL TOLKIEN, and you are somewhat talkative. You live in your hive with your BIRDMOM, who sometimes likes to sing along with you as well. You are a YELLOWBLOOD, and as such are prone to OUTBURSTS OF ENERGY which you usually funnel into said interests. You don’t really know when to stand up for yourself, and you are also pretty OBLIVIOUS. However, you get along well with your friends and watch TROLL NETFLIX together. Sometimes you LOSE TRACK OF TIME and end up PROCRASTINATING. You like messing around with your FAN AXE, which looks really cool but is PRETTY DANGEROUS, especially since it’s way bigger than you. You are kind of on the SMALL SIDE, and all of your friends TOWER OVER YOU.

You like chatting with your friend, who HAS NOT BEEN NAMED YET. You use TROLLIAN all the time, and your trolltag is pendingPyramids. You replace the letter “f” with ph, and ad an “h” after every “k,” so you speakh likhe this. You often forget to use punctuation, and you enjoy using reaction images or gifs to accent your discussions online.

What will you do?

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