I know some people have been “dying” to know more about some of the moderators’ opinions on various royal “things.” I am the original creator of the blog, and have made some tiara posts in the past, so here are some of my favorite tiaras. Hope you like them!

Favorite tiara:

  • The Poltimore Tiara
  • Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara
  • Sarah Ferguson’s wedding tiara, also known as the York Wedding Tiara
  • The Khedive of Egypt Cartier Tiara
  • Queen Sophia’s Diamond Tiara
  • The Baden Fringe Tiara
  • The Diamond Fringe Tiara
  • The Ruby Parure Tiara
  • Queen Marie-Jose’s Diamond, Yellow Gold and Natural Pearls’ Tiara
  • The Leuchtenberg Diamond Tiara

Honorable Mention:

  • Antique Pearl Tiara
  • Diamond Six Button Tiara
  • Diamond Laurel Wreath Tiara
  • Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara
  • Princess Claire’s wedding tiara, also known as the  Diamond and Pearl Tiara
  • The Habsburg Fringe Tiara
  • The Luxembourg Empire Tiara