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Washington Metro

Washington, DC

A shoot from the project Faces on the street

One of the things that I liked the most was to capture people form the street while they were doing what they where doing.

States 2011

Canon 5D markII

All rights received ©2011 Mustafa Khayat Photography

Les secrets, ça pèsent beaucoup trop lourd. J'en sais quelque chose. Alors parfois, il faut les dire, pour que le plomb s'échappe dans le ciel comme de la fumée.
Bien sûr, il reste toujours des stigmates, mais on peut vivre quand même.
—  Ondine khayat - Debout les vieux

every detail of you was engrained in my mind; every word you ever said to me was tattooed onto the backs of my eyelids. but I wanted to be just as impartial as you were: a detached deity, sitting on a throne of rocks and sand as I ran in circles to entertain you.

“you know, I’d pick a fight with the sky if you told me you didn’t like its shade of blue.”

and then I got lost in your smile lines once more. my hand found its way into yours and the patterns on our palms created a puzzle that we could finish together.