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Hi! Do you know horror novels with queer main characters (preferrably also partly scifi or fantasy)? And also, any supernatural romance novels? Thank you ❤

Was asked this recently and had to go to @fuckyeahlesbianliterature for help, so just gonna share our two-point response!

As for supernatural romance novels, sure! Check out:



And this month’s new release spotlight, Bearly a Lady by Cassandra Khaw!

15 books have been added to the Bi-bliography since July 30. I’ve added a page that provides instructions on how to view/keep track of all recent additions to the database. I won’t be creating the book lists anymore, but I’ll send periodic reminders to check for new additions.

[image description: a photo collage of the following six book covers (clockwise from top left): After Kathy Acker: A Literary Biography by Chris Kraus; Bearly A Lady by Cassandra Khaw; Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney; Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective and The Burning Bombing of America by Kathy Acker; The Change Room by Karen Connelly; and A Simple Distance by K.E. Silva.]

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Hello I am looking for some cute romcoms. Mlm. Wlw. I don't really care which ones. I'm trying to write one and like to read others as inspiration :) great blog by the way

Man, what I would not do for more cute romcoms! A few great ones: Dating Sarah Cooper by Siera Maley, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, How to Repair a Mechanical Heart and A&B by JC Lillis, and, for a paranormal one, Bearly a Lady by Cassandra Khaw. I wish I could think of more NA/adult ones, but I feel like angst, sweetness, and/or raw heat are usually the dominant vibes; I can’t think of any that made me laugh out loud first and foremost. But I’m certainly open to recs if people have!

Pancake batter holds clue to eye surgery

Scientists at University College London (UCL) have demonstrated how cooking the perfect pancake could improve surgical methods for treating eye conditions such as glaucoma.

According to the researchers, the appearance of pancakes depends on how water escapes the batter mix during the cooking process and this varies with the thickness of the batter. By understanding the physics of the process, the researchers can get an insight into how flexible sheets, similar to those found in human eyes, interact with flowing vapour and liquids.

The study, published in Mathematics TODAY, examined a range of pancakes of differing thicknesses and diameters and discovered the thinner and smaller the pancake, the more evenly the surface cooks. Professor Ian Eames, Co-author of the study and Professor of Fluid Mechanics at UCL Engineering, said, ‘We’ve discovered that the variations in texture and patterns result from differences in how water escapes the batter during cooking and that this is largely dependent on the thickness and spread of the batter.’

To explore how different ratios influence the textures and patterns of pancakes, the scientists made batters with the same amount of flour and egg, but used different amounts of milk. The pancakes were made using the batters in the same pan, at the same heat and without fat. The results were as follows –

Thick batters with a baker’s percentage of 100–120 form pancakes with irregular craters on the bottom surface. Water vapours released during cooking get trapped, unevenly lifting the pancake from the pan. Islands form on the top surface as the pancake isn’t a uniform thickness.

Thinner batters with a baker’s percentage of 175 form pancakes with an even colour on the bottom surface as water vapour is released smoothly from the base as it cooks.

The thinnest batters with a baker’s percentage of 200–225, form pancakes with an even coloured bottom surface, which is dotted with dark spots. Water vapours escape smoothly across the bottom surface and through channels in the batter. It also has a distinctive dark ring around the outer edge where the batter is thinnest.

Dr Yann Bouremel, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, said, ‘We found that the physics of pancake cooking is complex, but generally follows one of two things. If the batter spreads easily in the pan, the pancake ends up with a smooth surface pattern and less burning as the vapour flow buffers the heat of the pan. We found a thin pancake can only be created by physically spreading the batter across the pan and in this case, the vapour tends to escape through channels or diffusion.’

Co-author Professor Sir Peng Khaw, Director of the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology said, ‘We work on better surgical methods for treating glaucoma, which is a build-up of pressure in eyes caused by fluid. To treat this, surgeons create an escape route for the fluid by carefully cutting the flexible sheets of the sclera. We are working with engineers and mathematicians. This a wonderful example of how the science of everyday activities can help us with the medical treatments of the future.’

Morning pronunciations with Virgil:

>>    Omelette = Ah-muh-let
>>    Orange juice = AH-ranj jewz
>>    Coffee = KHAW-fee
>>    Bacon strips = BAY-kin stripz
>>    Sausage = SO-AW-sij
>>    What a beautiful morning. = Git the frig outta here, I’m tryna sleep!

This his beem morning pronunciations with Virgil.