Hey everyone!  PLEASE watch this wonderful and adorable video, and PLEASE like it at Youtube and maybe even reblog it here?  

Does anyone remember the painfully gorgeous songs written for The Sidhe way back when?  Well, these ladies are the stunning talent behind those songs, and if they get enough likes on this video they will be able to attend LeakyCon!  

These guys are Klainers and Potterheads, and they are insanely talented and super nice, and really passionate about their fandoms. It would mean the world to them (and it would mean a lot to me too), to win this contest.

Kathy's Song
Shauna Carrick
Kathy's Song

Well hello there lovely Tumblr folks! Some of you may or may not know that today, 21 years ago, a beautiful person was born. Her name is Kathy (also known as treeofseasons) and she is my best friend. There aren’t enough words to describe how much this girl means to me, so in our traditional Khauny way, I have decided to post this present here and I really hope that she likes this.  

Kathy, I love you. I am so glad you are in my life. Happy Birthday gurl. <6