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Khatti Meethi Recipe - Veg Recipes - Indian Recipes - Easy to Learn

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Oh wow my bad. But I must say I am hearing first Hyderabadis who neither like Bagharay Began nor Double Ka Meetha lol BTW how are Shahi Tukrays different? I was told by Hyderabadis friends that they are same. And what Hyderabadis food you like then? Khatti Daal ?

Double ka meetha is more sweeter and mushier than shahi tukdey. And yup Khaati dal is my fav with talawa kheema or papad. 😍

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Okay a couplet is due on you on Khatti Daal then?!?!? or on Qeema Papar :p

Mujhe nae pata uspe sher…. Wese off anon assakte ho aap?