My star wars cat-people character, Zeya, coloured! 

I’ve really enjoyed the resurgence of popularity in STAR WARS since The Force Awakens and thought I would give a kick at designing my own alien species. I have always thought cats would make good Jedi’s but also wanted a more humanoid species.  I also did not want them to look like Na’vi which happened every time I added felid characteristics to their faces so finally I gave up and left the faces mostly human. 
This one is the first of many cat people to come, and a self portrait!

The Khatti are a humanoid species that resemble felines. This is reflected in their speed, agility, good hearing and night-sight. Their arms are slightly longer than a human beings and they have incredibly strong wrists, which allows them to run on both two legs and four as needed. 
Khatti make incredibly poor Jedi’s for the most part and are rarely accepted for training due to the fact that they are incredibly passionate as a people and this allows them to easily succumb to their temper. Despite this they can be incredibly charismatic. 
Many also believe that one must live in balance with the energies of the Universe, and know that with no Dark there is no Light, and that balance is more than just Light ‘winning out.’ This is not a popular opinion. 

The Khatti live on a rainforest planet that is small and out of the way. (Edit: My friend Brad named their planet Telnoth. It’s in the Outer Rim.)