I suppose if you’re gonna design your alien character’s chest tattoo, which is a creature from her homeworld, you gotta nail down what the creature actually looks like first don’t you, even if it’s really quickly

The Sgor’Rukk (sometimes just shortened to Rukk, pronounced like “Roohk”) is an apex predator of the skies over Guerros and one of the only creatures on the planet that the Kharkrua, known for their tenacity and aggression, hesitate to engage. So much so, in fact, that the sight of their enormous winged shadows usually causes a mad scramble for cover (hence their name, which can be loosely translated into something like “Death/Deadly Shadow”). They spend most of their time in flight, capable of soaring for hours and hours with very little effort (it’s actually quite rare to see them landed like this), and typically only come down to ground level to quickly snatch up a meal with their enormous claws or split jaws. Since most Kharkrua lack weaponry such as big guns/cannons to deal with such a creature (native Kharkruan culture views guns as “cowardly”), this makes them very hard to fight and nearly impossible to kill via traditional means

Shi’Kraa gained notoriety amongst her village for terribly wounding a Rukk that attempted to steal a difficult kill from them by latching onto its head and puncturing its left eye, driving it away from the stolen prey. Her colleagues were impressed by the display enough to bestow upon her a suitable crest carving, which is reserved for significant achievements many Kharkrua could hang their figurative hats on. It wasn’t enough for Shi, however, and she remained dissatisfied that the Rukk got away before she could land a fatal blow. Later, after leaving Guerros to seek more challenging opportunities, she got the chest piece of the Rukk she injured done to serve as a constant reminder to herself to do better, and to one day return to Guerros, hunt it down and finish it off

Designwise I always imagined it with wings that fold up kinda like Otachi from Pacific Rim’s so I borrowed that idea and tweaked it a bit. Mostly tho I was thinking of giant hellish alien pterosaurs/microraptors. Might mess with a few things but overall it’ll probably stay a lot like this

Fic - What is Human - Complete!

Title: What is Human by Unloyal_Olio
Pairing: Kirk/Khan
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)  
Rating: Explicit, NC-17
Words: 34,545
Chapters: 9/9

AU: Khan is about to go all terrorist when he finds out that Admiral Marcus has a daughter.

James Kirk, as he does, gets in the way.

I just kind of wanted all of the pretty to come together. Just sayin’.