khao poon


DC Week | A Home Cooked Meal - Lao Style

With my family on the east coast and me out here in California, I don’t get home to visit my parents as often as I used to, but when I do, I look forward to eating a home cooked meal made by mom. This past visit was no different, with some of my favorites. To start, some of mom’s egg rolls to nibble on while the rest of the food is being prepared.

Lao sausage, made with roughly chopped pork with tons of fatty bits and seasoned with garlic, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves so the stuffing is very aromatic. Then grill for a nice smoke and eat with sticky rice.  

Throw in some grilled chicken marinated in a spicy rub. 

Spicy papaya salad is the perfect accompaniment to the sausage and grilled chicken. My mouth is watering.

A minced pork and curry noodle soup (khao poon, sorta of like a Malay laksa, although I don’t know which came first) with congealed pork blood topped with fresh grated carrots and vegetables. I know for many westerners, the blood is challenging since it really has no flavor other than being slightly metallic and has a rubbery texture. But it’s actually the texture here that you want. 

And a little sticky rice with a little (not too much) coconut milk to finish things off.

A delicious and satisfying meal!