‘HADITHI HADITHI’ - The Illustrative Storytelling Lookbook for CHiCHiA London’s CHiCHiA LUXE Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

Tanzanian label CHiCHiA London combines fashion, design, illustration and storytelling for their new spring/summer collection. Hadithi Hadithi is a fun mix of pattern, colour and springtime elements sourced from various facets of Tanzanian arts and culture. 

“Hadithi Hadithi, which literally means 'Story Story’ in Swahili, serves as the primary inspiration for this collection. For SS15 we are looking back at one of our favourite pass times as children… story time! Our unique prints have been specially designed and selected to evoke a sense of nostalgic fun in the clothing. Inspiration is drawn from colourful Tingatinga paintings from Tanzania and the sayings found on traditional khanga fabrics, this collection focuses on injecting that much needed sense of humor to your summer wardrobe.”

Order the collection online. 

Storybook designed: Oliver Goddard

Styling: Arietawho

Photography: Danny Baldwin 

Model: Mulannoir 

WTF? khangas for $95???? I have DOZENS of these in my closet, each purchased for under $5. Barneys, get ALL the way the fuck outta here. Also, you could at least have the decency to show us what words are on it. SMFH.