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Your message got eaten :(. Do you know anything about what Congolese brides in general wear to traditional events? Or just traditional fashion in general?

Nowadays most brides wear dresses made from kitenge and at Swahili weddings, the bride would also get a bridal khanga with a meaningful proverb on it. Here’s an example of a traditional bridal dress made from raffia but its very Baluba/Kasai/Katanga 

If you watch Miss RDC (it’s in French btw) you can find out a lot about traditional fashion. 

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Okay, so I have one character who's biracial(black/Roma) who is essentially made to hide a lot-- her sexuality, being intersex -- and is left immortal due to a condition that functions like an STI. What I'm wondering is if her ties to the mafia feeds into any archaic stereotypes. She was head honcho and thanks to years worth of connections she managed to make a legit business for herself after the '70s. She tries her best not to lie and is more than willing to help people. And she's Jewish.

Black Roma Jew and Mafia Ties

So I don’t think there are any stereotypes of Romani people being in the mob, but there ARE stereotypes of us being violent criminals who swindle and dupe people, so maybe avoid that? Also, and this might be just me, but it seems like you’re trying to make this character “super diverse”… 

Afro-Romani people are not uncommon, but Afro-Romano Jews are few and far between. I am slightly uncomfortable with this because it seems really far fetched for the sake of exoticism or forced diversity.

I’m not saying biracial Afro-Romani Jewish people don’t exist, it’s just… very rare? Although I guess in America it would probably have more of a chance of happening than elsewhere.

–Mod Tasbeeh

Check out “PoC in Crime Families & Black/Native Boss.”

Anyhow, I agree with Tasbeeh. I’m not sure of the reasons for picking those three and it can potentially come across as random selection. There is a history of Black Roma communities (Do your research, but here’s an Afro-Romani Facebook group that might be a start) but for their being Black + Roma +Jewish, it’d be nice to see some personal history to how this came about so it doesn’t read so much as “mixed bag diversity" where you’re just picking and choosing ethnicity/identities at random.

The addition of being Jewish really makes me think of the said random selection deal and with it you run the risk of exoticification as Tas said. 

On that note, i’d remind you to do a logic trace, if there was one at all here.

–Mod Colette

> i’d remind you to do a logic trace, if there was one at all here.

I like the way you phrased this, Colette, so yeah: if this character’s gonna be Jewish, set that up somehow. Is she Jewish by descent? Did she convert? Do you know anything about the motivations behind her conversion? (BTW, this isn’t something people should ask strangers – and Jews of color often get unwelcome/intrusive questions like this IRL – but this is your character so it would be good to know even if it doesn’t wind up getting described in the story.) Don’t feel bad if you wind up having to take her Jewishness out if it no longer makes sense in light of what Tasbeeh said, btw.


You might benefit from reading Yelena Khanga, she is an Afro-Russian Jew who moved to the United States. She wrote a book called Soul To Soul, which covers basically 200 years of her family (her mother is a Polish Jew, her father was Abdullah Kassim) and it’s the closest I can think of, for one thing, but it talks about eastern European multiculturalism from an autobiographical point of view and while it isn’t Roma + Jew + Black, it’s Jew + Black + Eastern European, and may give you an insight or two.