DAY 2278

           Rio, Brazil            July  11, 2014           Fri  5:35 pm

एक चेहरा मिलता है भाग्य की देन से ,
एक मिलता है अपनी पहचान की देन से
समय बदल देता है हमारे आकारों को .. 
भाग्य समय बदलता है अपने विचारों को.. 
खँडहर से अपने आकार देख कर निराश न हो , अब 
भाग्य बिना मतलब के छोड़ दे हो हताश तब !

कहते हैं बनाने के योग से भाग्य बनते हैं 
समय की अनवरत चक्की में वो भी रोज़ पीसे जाते हैं …. 
जो नीचे होते हैं , वो ऊपर भी आते हैं 
सोच लेते हैं वो की बस अब यहीं रुक जाते हैं … 
समंदर की लहरें किनारों पे दहाड़ती तो हैं लेकिन 
वापस आने के लिए उन्हें भी पीछे जाना पड़ता है लेकिन । 

~ अमिताभ बच्चन

Ek chehra milta hai bhagya ki dein se,
Ek milta hai apni pehchaan ki dein se
Samay badal deta hai hamare aakaaron ko
Bhagya samay badalta hai apne vicharon ko …
Khandahar se apne aakaar dekhkar nirash na ho, ab
Bhaagya bina matlab ke chodh de, ho hataash tab !

Kehte hain banane ke yog se bhagya bante hain
Samay ki anvarat chakki mein wo bhi roz peese jate hain …
Jo neeche hote hain, wo oopar bhi aate hain ..
Sooch lete hain wo ki bas ab yahin ruk jate hain ..
Samandar ki lehren kinaron pe dahadti toh hain, lekin
Wapas aane ke liye unhe bhi peeche jaana padta hai lekin ..

~ Amitabh Bachchan

One face doth come to thee through fate,

One face doth come with what you gain thy recognition with..

Time doth in time change features of our face, assured

Fate alters sure, changed limitations of our thinking too ..

Be not without hope on beholding the ruins of thy face,

Be alarmed then when fate doth leave thee without reason ..

They say that fate is made in the making if its make,

The unstoppable wheel of time doth grind them in their making too ..

Those that be low below, do come above up too,

And think that they must just remain on top so …

The waves of sea do lash themselves on shores of life, 

To return to lash again they must but go back too …

~ Amitabh Bachchan

Driven by thought and a spell of words that signify nothing that could possibly be understood, I devote now, my calmed mind to the events of the day, though.

Those that differ in opinion and belief on the spells of electrodic eruptions at places and locations hitherto unseen, must needs be blinded by the variance of their word and those of the majority.

It is factual now that the air and the space that surround us be not of any comment that simply rests itself in commandeered obedience and discipline. Indeed the air that breathes through the generations of life, continues to survive the heartless and bludgeoned atmosphere through centuries. I cannot commit to saying that what Napoleon breathed was similar to the intake of those that came to these parts from Portugal. But I can safely say, after walking the shores of the Copacabana beach that, very little has been devoted to deliberately destroying that fresh whiff of Brazillian air at many of the original locations who, I read, will be again in the throes of celebration, organisation and management, in the coming years .. 

The Olympics in 2016 … and the 450 year celebration of the establishment of the city called Rio de Janeiro, in 2015 ..

This bodes well for all the parties that are invading the driveways and common locations, with song and impromptu dance … waving their support for the game tomorrow for the third place - Brazil v Holland !!

The FIFA Fun Fest has organised a giant screen, a very large giant screen, on this sacred beach for all those who wish to see the game free … and I am told it shall be the location and the reason for the biggest party ever .. its the Glastonbury, or the … whats the one in US of A .. ok … never mind , I think you got the point !

The emotions run too high at such events, and when Brazil lost to Germany there were riot conditions at the venue … but fear not … there are sufficient sane people in this warm and friendly city and country, that also look upon the religion of football with reverence and fair play !

There is freedom of a walk by the beach and the cabanas that adorn the pavements with delicious delicacies and drinks and caffe and cocoa .. and the sheer clean waters of the Atlantic that rush into the shores, inviting surfers to paddle out on their rafts to sail in …

No sooner does one begin to enjoy the anonymity of celebrity, recognition sprouts about and the sheer variety of region astonishes .. its Punjab to start with, Delhi, Egypt, Somalia, Qatar, Russia, Argentina and a few others just because they do not want to feel left out, even if they do not know who the hell this white bearded guy is .. 

Hawaianas … or some thing similar spelt is next on the stepped up walk now .. they be those unique ‘chappals’ marked from the different World Cup teams, their colours, their logos .. quite simply a comfortable and necessary possession for the sand later .. or perhaps to just lounge around in ..

'Chappals’ … they seem to be the buy of choice each foreign visit. Marrakesh Film Fest, Morocco some years ago was also met with similar taste .. a walk in the bazaar … now with the entire market following you, as a difference, and some of the most unique foot wear casual .. triangular covered half way, and that is it … no grips .. just a sandal shoe .. comfy as hell and in different shades of colour ..

So as you admire the different countries being reflected at the bottom of your feet, the obvious choice is the green and yellow of Brazil .. a bit of hesitancy in the German, and the Argentina, for obvious reasons - though the streets are packed to capacity with the white and blue Argentinian stripes, as also the orange white and black of the Germans ! But really the spirit of football is what gets appreciation. There is great rivalry between these two neighbours, and of course Germany will not have many takers in Brazil for a long time …

But … Neymar wishes Argentina a victory … many feel the other way round, and wish that the  Args do to the Germans, what they did to the Bra ..

The next for third place between Bra and Dutch, is interesting … so see you tomorrow at the FIFA Fun Fest on the Copacabana beach … safest apparel … the hoodies from Ef bearing Brazil … and non committal though on the finals. Coz’ its a bit iffy ! Whatever has been backed as you enter the VIP enclosure of stadiums, has eventually lost, so best to keep shut !! Talk though at the semis of Arg v Dutch hinted that they hoped the D would be victorious, for then the real game of the world cup for the third place would be played as the final .. Arg and Bra the deadliest of rivals .. its India v Pak, adding another hundred decimals to it … now we do not know .. it could change the loyalties … its South America v Europe … the colonisers v the colonised !!

How astonishingly history has been overcome by sport … the battles are the same … the tools have changed !!

The evening was all dressed up to be a guest at the FIFA inauguration of the next World Cup 2018 in Russia and the presentation among Russian opera singers and wild and vibrant Russian folk dancing, large and tasselled fur caps and all, in this temperate climate. The Chairman of FIFA was excited to meet, and was up beat about India being the next world soccer interest and the WC '17 for the Juniors being played there. His pertinent remark - 1.25 Billion people and 'no soccer team, of 11, in the World Cup ?? Hmmmm …

Did you know that Cocoa was a delicacy drink in the early days of the formation of Brazil. They dealt with its seeds as money transactions .. but the best Hot Chocolate drink, or the cocoa drink which was consumed soon after the 'chappals’ was opposite the footwear, at a tiny cute little place called, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil … Copenhagen !!! Why this, I would not know … their chocolates were the best in the world, so help me sweet tooth ..!!

Its the place to be … Brazil !! There is a feeling of free spiritedness, in more ways than one … easy going, relaxed in attitude, no worries, smiles, stares .. and … since we are an adult family .. no harm in mentioning what one noticed … a large notice card on the side table of your bed, where normally you are told to preserve the ecology of the atmosphere by not sending the towels for washing each day, …. stating boldly to the clients, of the providing of free contraceptives … an AIDS prevention initiative by Law !!

Year 2016, year after the next, is the Olympics in Rio … and next year 2015 is the celebration of 450 years of the establishment of the city of Rio de Janeiro … !! The carnival … the famed Carnival is on !!

A generous Indian family that lives and is settled in Brazil, has most kindly delighted us with home cooked Indian food and we are so gratified by this … thank you so much ! It has been devoured most gluttonously and with some to spare !!

The city sleeps, and so must I .. 

My love

Amitabh Bachchan