Khanada and Jeremy: One year later

Jeremy wonders where he could take Khanada for their special weekend

He picks you up in his super boss car and waits for you to finish packing

he carries your bags for you through the airport

As you approach your destination you look out your window to seeeeee

A beach! Jeremy has brought you to exotic Hawaii

you spend your first night all loved up

you guys wake up the next morning and hit the beach and hang with some locals

you stop by the bar and have a drink

and head back to the hotel to see a crazy man hanging out a window 

so Jeremy saves him of course

then you head off to take a shower (where you play peekaboo?)

Jeremy dresses in his finest suit

you in your best dress

and off to dinner where he broods sexily

then you’re whisked away back to your hotel for sexy time 

where he puts on his Hawkeye outfit

does his best Dahmer for you

and sexy time commences

then sexy sleep happens

the next day you get on a plane to California where Jeremy

introduces you to Mama and she loves you

and she makes you a beautiful birthday cake for you

and Jeremy tells you to get ready

kiss time

and thus concludes your one year and birthday weekend!

Love you Khanada! Have fun in Paris for your birthday! Hope this is as good as last years!

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