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A Khan By Any Other Name - chapter six

A pre-Star Trek: Into Darkness fanfic by sobeautifullyobsessed

Early in his captivity, John Harrison manages to escape Admiral Markus’ secret facility in San Francisco, planning to rescue his crew from their imprisionment  in London.  Fortune provides some unexpected assistance when the antique Mustang he has stolen breaks down in the Mojave–but his Good Samaritan is in for more trouble than she ever could have imagined.  Suspense, danger…and some healthy smut to follow (I promise!).

from Chapter Six:

she dared a look down the road to see how Harrison was faring.  No surprise there—she was just in time to watch the tail end of Higgins losing the battle.  She said a silent prayer that her perplexing companion had abided by the condition she had laid upon him to minimize the force he used to dispatch their pursuers.  Even at a distance, he looked no worse for wear; he must have evaded that phaser fire with his lightning fast reflexes–or Higgins had been a lousy shot.  Harrison reached over the unconscious man to retrieve his fallen phaser, and tucked it into the waistband of his jeans, at the small of his back.  He sprinted towards her.  Behind her, Petrocelli moaned weakly.

Inspecting the scene, Harrison nodded his approval of her handiwork.  “So–the lovely desert rose has thorns after all.”  He moved well into her personal space once again, close enough for the warmth of his breath to tickle her skin, as he told her, “Handily dispatched, Seraphina.” 

Though somber in manner and speech, Sera read an unexpected mirth in his striking eyes, and in the faint smile lines that bracketed his all too tempting mouth.  “Yes,” she told him, aiming to sound cool, even as she warmed from his compliments, “That’s something you best remember about me, John Harrison.”

He considered her quietly, his eyes widening at her bold assertion.  “Indeed.  It seems I would be a fool to forget it.”

His face hovered kissably close above her; Sera felt caught in the intensity of his molten gaze, mesmerized by the luscious natural pout of his lips (wondering helplessly, how they might feel pressed against her own), and flattered beyond reason by his generous regard.  I’m in trouble here, she thought; this man is dangerous–and any foolishness is all mine.  She fell back from him a step or two, hoping he had not read the folly on her mind.

His eyes darted towards the space behind her, and in a flash he had drawn the phaser at his back, shunting her aside to fire a clean shot at Petrocelli–who had struggled to his knees, but soon lay face down on the hardtop.

“What the hell,” she cried out, equally surprised and offended by Harrison’s sudden action, “You didn’t have to do that.  He wasn’t any threat.”     

Ignoring her, Harrison brushed by Sera, bending over to pick up the jackknife that had fallen from Petrocelli’s hand.  The blade was short but nasty looking, and had likely been intended to hurt her.  Harrison folded the blade into its casing and pocketed it, before turning her way.  “This may come in handy,” he informed her.  He turned the unconscious man onto his back and began rummaged through his pockets.  “We’ll need whatever hard currency we can find.  If they’ve identified your hovercraft, our movements can be traced through any use of your credits.”

Sera shook her head, wanting to clear the confusion about what just happened.  “This is crazy,” she muttered, “And I must be crazy to let you manipulate me into helping you.”

Harrison straightened, implacable in answer, “You determined your own fate, Seraphina, when you stopped to help me.  And your innocence will be no protection against those who pursue me.”

She bowed her head, sighing hard in regret and resignation.  “Right. No good deed goes unpunished.  I never understood before now, how true that statement could be.”

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If there’s anything I’ve learned from superhero movies and shows is that the british supervillain goes into the glass cage.

Update: Magneto joins the list. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out.

Dammit - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous who wanted a Star Trek into Darkness imagine, so I decided to do the love of my life, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, because he’s bae.

“Miss Y/L/N, please prepare for our prisoner,” Spock commanded. You began working on the configurations for the cell he would be kept in, making sure it was as contained as possible.

“Cell is ready, sir.”

“Thank you.”

You began walking down towards the cell block to meet the Captain with the prisoner.

“Ah, Y/N, you’re here,” Kirk said. You nodded and smiled at your long time friend. You felt eyes on you, and turned to look at Leonard, who usually did stare at you, but saw he was looking angrily at the prisoner. You turned and saw that the prisoner was eyeing you. You noticeably shuddered and he smiled slightly.

“Are we all set, Miss Y/L/N?” Spock asked. 

“Yes,” you said as you made your way to the cell. You pressed a couple of buttons on the command station. “It’s ready.”

“Thanks, Y/N,” Kirk said. You smiled at him and made eye contact with the prisoner accidentally. Leonard was walking towards the cell to check the prisoner but he stopped by you while they were getting him settled in.

“Are you okay?” he whispered as he lightly touched your hand. Leonard loved you and you knew that, but he wouldn’t be inappropriate around the captain and commander, even though Jim wouldn’t of cared. 

“Yes,” you said uncertainly. Leonard still looked concerned so you gave his hand a squeeze. “I’ll be fine, Leonard.” Even though you weren’t so sure. The prisoner was still eyeing you hungrily and all you wanted to do was escape into Leonard’s big, strong arms. 

“Y/N, is it?”

You turned towards the cell and saw the prisoner, John Harrison, standing up against the glass. You didn’t answer but stepped a little bit closer, considering him.

“Shy?” he asked.

“She’s not here to talk to you, Harrison. She’s here to make sure you stay in your place,” Jim interrupted.

“Certainly, I wouldn’t want to upset the poor girl with her boyfriend standing so close,” he said with an evil smirk.

“Excuse me?” you asked, getting angry this time.

“Oh look, the mouse has a voice.”

“Doctor, he’s ready for his inspection,” you said, turning away from him. 

Bones began taking blood from Harrison, and you could see the anger he held towards the man. 

“No need to be upset, Doctor. The girl has her eyes on something better, it’s alright to be a little bit jealous.”

“Bones,” Jim came up and placed a hand on his shoulder. Leonard relaxed a little bit and let go of his arm. 

“Y/N. Be careful, your boyfriend is a little bit temperamental-”

“Shut up, dammit!” you swore. “You don’t get to talk here, Harrison. You’re our prisoner, we make the rules, you follow them and shut the hell up,” you said, finally losing your temper. 

“She’s correct, Harrison,” Jim said.

“My name is Khan,” he stated simply, going to sit down. 

“Good, we’re done here,” Jim said, looking at you. He motioned for you to follow him. He walked out into a hallway, far away from the cell block and stopped.

“Captain, I’m sorry. I know I was out of line back there.”

“Don’t be sorry, Y/N, we were all thinking it. I think he’s trying to get to us, I think he already has.” You nodded. “There was just one more thing I wanted to discuss with you.”

“What’s that, Jim?”

“’Shut up, dammit’?” Jim asked quoting you. You looked at him and smiled, knowing where he was going with this.

“What?” you asked/whined.

“You sound just like him,” he joked with you as he began walking again.

“I do not!” you argued, smiling yourself.

“’Dammit’? Come on, Y/N, that’s what Bones says all the time. You’ve been spending too much time together!” he joked, and you punched his arm.

“I don’t see him complaining much,” you said.

“No, I don’t either. He’s much happier than I have ever seen him before. He’s crazy about you, Y/N. I see it every time he looks at you. With Khan today, I thought he was gonna murder him,” he said lovingly. “But, I do think you have been spending too much time together,” he joked again.

“Shut up!”

“Who have you been spending too much time with?”

You turned around and saw Leonard. It was then that you noticed you were close to the Med Bay. 

“You,” Jim said, excusing himself into Med Bay to flirt with nurses, probably. Leonard raised an eyebrow at you. You walked towards him and wrapped your arms around him. He did the same but still looked at you questioningly.

“Earlier, with Khan, I said ‘shut up-’”

“’Dammit.’” Bones finished for you. “That was cute.” You laughed and rolled your eyes. You stiffened a bit, thinking about Khan, Leonard took notice, ever the doctor. “I’m not gonna let him hurt you, Y/N. I’m not gonna let him hurt us.” You looked back up at Leonard and smiled, snuggling into his chest. 

“Thank you, Leo,” you said as he placed a kiss on your head. 

“Of course, I love you, Y/N.”