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How JJ Abrams Ruined Star Trek

Alternately titled “Why I hate JJ Abrams”.

Because, according to the Anon hate I’ve accumulated lately, I only hate jar jar abrams because I’m racist (???), here is a list of reasons why I hate him.

1) He is blatantly misogynistic
He took characters like Carol Marcus and Nyota Uhura, and turned them into nothing but sex objects to be oggled at by their male coworkers.
It doesn’t matter that Carol Marcus was a highly intelligent leader of an entire scientific outpost who discovered how to create an entire planet! And she did that while being a single mom! It doesn’t matter that she was defined by her intellect, by her kindness, and by her accomplishments. It doesn’t matter that she was NEVER  reduced just a blonde chick with big boobs. Abrams decided that’s what she was going to be.
It doesn’t matter that Uhura was a highly competent and intelligent officer of the USS Enterprise. It doesn’t matter that Uhura could go from Communications to Navigation to fixing parts of the ship without blinking an eyelash. It doesn’t matter that Uhura was defined by her competence, her bravery, her talents, and her compassion. It doesn’t matter that she was NEVER reduced to just a hot chick that her male coworkers could stare at/lust over. Abrams decided that’s what she was going to be.
Abrams took characters like Christine Chapel, who was played by Star Trek’s beloved First Lady, and shit all over her.
It doesn’t matter that Christine was RIDICULOUSLY smart! It doesn’t matter that on top of being a full-time nurse, she almost had her doctorate. Two professions that, while they work closely together, are not at all the same! It doesn’t matter that to be BOTH you have to be incredibly intelligent, incredibly committed, and incredibly competent. It doesn’t matter that Christine was defined by her sweetness, her intelligence, and her ability to love even those deemed “unlovable”. Abrams decided he would “honor” the memory of Star Trek’s most beloved Lady and turn her character into a dumb whore that Kirk fucked and promptly forgot about.
Abrams took a character like Janice Rand, AND DIDN’T EVEN INCLUDE HER IN THE MOVIES, because you can’t have more than one hot blonde, right?
Janice Rand was, as with the others, a highly competent woman. She always managed to remain professional, even under the grossest of circumstances. She was always a sunbeam of cheer even under the darkest circumstances. She was incredibly inventive, incredibly brave, and ALWAYS professional.
So Abrams decided to honor such a fantastic character but pretending she didn’t exist.
And don’t even get me started on the uniforms and how they don’t even show a female character’s rank!

2) He is incredibly racist
A TV show made in the 60s managed to be more progressive that Abrams’ reboots are. But while actually managing to have a Japanese man and a Black woman in positions of authority was groundbreaking in the 60s, we expect more today.
But Abrams’ doesn’t care about that.
Instead of including characters like Dr. M’Benga, Dr. Daystrom, Yeoman Tamura (all POC) and expanding their roles in ways that they weren’t allowed to in the 60s, he took what is inarguably Star Trek’s greatest villain (who is also a POC) and whitewashed him.
Because apparently he couldn’t accept that anybody other than a white man can be highly intelligent and, in spite of his villainy, gain the respect of the people around him. Because Abrams and his goonies couldn’t conceive of the idea that we could buy a POC villain as anything but a stuttering fool, EVEN THOUGH WE LITERALLY PROVED THAT WE COULD SINCE THE POPULARITY OF A POC VILLAIN IS WHAT LED HIM TO WHITEWASHING HIM!!!!

3) He turned the franchise that belongs to women into a male fantasy
I don’t care how many people of all genders love Star Trek, this franchise belongs to women.
Star Trek got an unprecedented TWO pilots after the first one was rejected because Lucille Ball (yes that one) liked it and bullied the studio into picking it up.
Star Trek was going to be canceled after only 2 seasons, but an army of women led by the wonderful BJo Trimble sent so many letters to the studio they agreed to pick it up for a third season. BECAUSE it got a third season, it went into syndication. BECAUSE it went into syndication, it gained more and more popularity until it became the cultural phenomenon it is today.
After Star Trek’s cancellation, women were dissatisfied so (this time led by the talented Joan Winston), they created the first fandom convention. You can also thank these women (and many others) for the creation of fanfiction, fanart, and fanvideos.
Women insisted that Star Trek insist, refused to let it die, and when it was taken from us we created FANDOM!
Star Trek belongs to women through and through.
So obviously, the thing to do with this franchise is turn it into a male fantasy.
Gone is anything that might be considered “feminine”, and which might make the male viewers uncomfortable.
Gone is the James T Kirk who respected women, loved flowers, considered himself a mother to Nomad, and was just as quick with his intellect as with his fists. .
Now we have a James T Kirk who is disrespectful of women and the embodiment of every Male Fantasy Superhero.  And don’t even get me started on how because Kirk grew up without his father he has every right to be an asshole. Tarsus IV was undeniably a MILLION times more traumatizing than growing up without a dad would be, and the real James Kirk was never an asshole!
Gone is the Mr. Spock who was defined by his gentleness. Gone is the Mr. Spock who, behind the mask of cool logic and unemotional-ism was the gentlest creature you could find. When Spock got emotional, it was always emotions of a gentle variety: grief that he never told his mother he loved her, quiet joy when he realized he could love somebody, warm delight that he had not killed his best friend, etc. The ONLY times his emotions were violent were when he was being influenced by something else, most notably IN THE MIDST OF PON FARR!!!
Now we have a Mr. Spock whose inner emotions are violent and vicious. Because obviously gentleness is too feminine a characteristic for this new Male Fantasy Star Trek.
Gone is the Leonard “Bones” McCoy who, in spite of his cantankerous nature, has a heart of gold. Gone is the Bones whose cantankerousness usually comes from how much he cares for people and how little he is able to help them. Gone is the man who has so much heart and embraces his emotions so much that he literally breaks down and cries at the thought of people suffering
Now all we have is a man who is little more than a catchphrase. Because obviously emotionalism is too feminine a characteristic for this new Male Fantasy Star Trek.
Gone is the relationship of love and support between the three of them, especially Kirk and Spock, because such warm emotions are probably too gay for this Male Fantasy!
Gone is the relationship where each man would/has offered/and has given up everything for the other two. Kirk risked his life and his career countless times for the other two, Spock died for the other two, and Bones willingly faced torture and death for the other two (literally knocking them both out so that they wouldn’t have to face it for him).
Now we have a relationship based on conflict and disrespect, because that’s much better for this Male Fantasy than anything as feminine as what the original triumvirate had.

4) His movies are an insult to what Star Trek is supposed to be about
Star Trek was ALWAYS an incredibly intellectual show, caring more about good stories and good characters over shiny special effects.
It’s why the starship being made of cardboard and jellybeans has never taken away from how amazing it is, even almost half a century later when most people seem to care more about special effects than about story.
It’s why the stories and characters themselves are still the things that have held up for this long.
Star Trek was also ALWAYS about being progressive and making a difference in the world. It dealt with many of the issues of the time: racism, the cold war, the Vietnam War, etc.
But now all it’s about is shiny space battles, lens flares, and a little R2D2 floating around in the debris.
Gone are the good characters, gone is the good writing, gone is the intellectual and progressive writing.
And what do we have in return? Nothing but a special effects extravaganza with cardboard characters (especially if you are a woman) and idiotic writing.


Star Trek Pokemon Trainers!

Jim: Zoroark, Raichu, Marowak, Typhlosion, Latias, Gastrodon

Bones: Gogoat, Kangaskhan, Carracosta, Chandelure, Crobat, Torterra

Nyota: Emolga, Gardevoir, Lapras, Mienshao, Ninetales, Meganium

Spock: Greninja, Gallade, Absol, Jolteon, Alakazam, Accelgor

Hikaru: Hitmonchan, Ninjask, Garchomp, Skarmory, Lanturn, Slowking

Pavel: Porygon-X, Galvantula, Flygon, Charizard, Vaporeon, Chatot

Carol: Lilligant, Swanna, Persian, Glaceon, Delphox, Mismagius

Gaila: Espeon, Sawsbuck, Tyranitar, Rapidash, Weavile, Walrein

Chris: Xerneas, Tropius, Serperior, Arcanine, Tyrantrum, Cofagrigus

Scotty: Groudon, Malamar, Magnetron, Ludicolo, Stoutland, Talonflame

Khan (as played by Sendhil Ramamurthy): Haxorus, Manectric, Mightyena, Gyarados, Lucario, Mamoswine

I might do versions of previous evolutions if enough people are interested!

read the captions

“Sorry dad… I’m not coming back to Starfleet. I’m ashamed to be your daughter and I couldn’t live with myself if I ever let you keep using this man for your purposes.
John Har- no, Khan, since I now know the truth; Khan is not someone you should ever have attempted to enslave. We have rescued his crew and I decided to run away with him. Don’t come looking for us, dad.”

PS. I stole your shiny new ship.

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“Not unlike her 23rd century counterpart, Bibi Besch was also a working professional and single mother. From the time she made her stage debut as a young actress in New York, Bibi never stopped working. She spent her early career in regional theater, on and off-Broadway and as a regular on TV soaps. After moving to Los Angeles, Bibi appeared in countless film and television roles. She could segue from creating the planet Genesis - where she delivered what one film critic called the best line ever to adorn an SF movie (“Can I cook, or can’t I?”) - to portraying a housewife in Lawrence, Kansas, who delt with nuclear disaster in the critically-acclaimed Nicholas Meyer television film The Day After.

“Over the course of her career she earned two Emmy nominations, one for her work in the TV movie Doing Time on Maple Drive and another for a guest appearance on Northern Exposure. She also became an accomplished stage director, producer and teacher while doing a very fine job of raising a lovely daughter, Samantha Mathis, who, like her mother, has also become a successful actress.

“Unfortunately, Bibi’s life was cut short when she lost her battle with cancer in September 1996. It was a tragic end for someone who gave so much of herself to others. And I know, having met Bibi in San Antonio, Texas, at her very first Star Trek convention in 1983…Immortalized on film, she will continue to entertain generations yet to come with a passion for acting that came straight from her very heart and soul.”

- Eric A. Stillwell, quoted in the Star Trek Communicator, September 2000

“You’ll find, Captain…” the augment purred the word out in the most sultry manner, a voice like thick velvet, “that you can obtain much more through a less coercive method.”

That voice sent tantalizing little shivers down the captain’s spine. Kirk wanted to lick his lips, feeling a sudden dryness in his mouth, but at this point he wasn’t entirely sure whether Khan was about to deck him in the jaw or not, and he would hate to risk losing a bit of his tongue so carelessly, so he kept his teeth firmly clenched for the time being, years of bar fight instincts keeping him wary

The augment’s grip on his chin was pure steel, although oddly not unpleasant.

External image

Khan’s grip unexpectedly loosened a little, switching from a threatening hold to a caress, as he leaned closer to whisper, “You are not a fool, Captain…so why demand a price for passage when you should be able to tell that we are meant to accomplish so much more together, than if you make enemies of us… Don’t waste this chance.”

And before Kirk could fully process the invitation in Khan’s seductive, deep voice, the augment’s lips descended on his.

External image

And I haven’t slept yesterday so sorry if my photoshopping skills are rather lacking at the moment. ^^;;; Hence no proper kiss.

The three eloped together and later on defeated Marcus and lived happily ever after having epic threesomes ever after, quite often sandwiching Khan in the middle. (ノ。◕‿◕。)ノ*:・゚✧

External image

This probably concludes this mini-fic of sorts (sorry it is so cracky and messy ^^;), but I SOOO want to mess some more with those glorious pictures, so definitely expect more edits and manips from those two photoshoots. *-*<333

(Lighting difference aside it’s like those two photoshoots were born to go together! XD<3)

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Okay, this one is pretty cruel, but I made it because I wanted to complain about how we did not find out how Carol reacted to her son’s death at all. They made David’s death all about Kirk’s pain even though Carol is the one who raised him and loved him most. That seems really unfair to me.

Carol Marcus, you deserved more screen time.


So Khan and Carol decide to ditch the Vengeance and try to get away from it to avoid being found by Marcus. They walk for a while along the road hoping to find someone to give them a ride, but their situation seems desperate until finally, when they were almost losing hope…

An unexpected meeting. XD

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Does Khan Show Mercy

One of the most contentious points made againstKhan is that after stating “No ship should go down without her captain” hefires on the Enterprise, seemingly to destroy her. But as with all of Khan’s actions one needs to look deeper. With him it’s as much as what he doesn’t say or do as what he does.

If Khan was truly trying to destroy the Enterprise then he suddenly became the worst shot in the entire Federation because the only areas of the Enterprise that he actually hit were the warp core and main engineering sections. Compare this to the damage done to the Enterprise by Admiral Marcus during the first attack by the Vengeance.

We also know that Marcus said earlier “I’ll make this quick. Target the aft torpedoes on the Command Bridge.” But when Khan fires the command bridge is clearly not Khan’s target. It is not even anywhere near the areas Khan hit. Nor was the life support, the area Khan threatened to target when he was negotiating with Spock. Khan also didn’t fire on the weapon’s bays, the phaser banks, and the secondary command bridge, any of the evacuation shuttle bay areas or the crew quarters. Any damage done to those areas was done in the first attack by Marcus.

Now consider this. Khan was arguably one of the most brilliant and skillful warriors the planet Earth ever produced. He was in control of the most advanced warship in the entire Federation, a ship he himself helped design (as evidenced by his innate knowledge of it) and he was firing at a stationary target no more than 2 to 5 kilometers away, well within range of the Vengeance’s weapons. Take all of these facts together and then ask yourself just how likely it was that Khan not only missed his target but missed it multiple times? I’m no Spock to be able to calculate those odds but I’m sure it’s very small, as in there is a zero in front of the decimal point and at least one or two more zeros after it.

If it was truly Khan’s intention to destroy the Enterprise as is implied by his words then he chose an extremely inefficient way of going about it. However if Khan’s intention was to merely cripple the Enterprise so that he and his crew could safely make their escape then both his actions and his words make sense. The Enterprise would have gone down in a very real sense, paralyzed and helpless. Just as Mr. Spock did when he told Khan “The torpedoes are yours.” both of them used the truth to tell a lie.

There are some who might argue that Khan would have known that crippling the Enterprise to that extent would cause it to lose power and fall into Earth’s gravity well. But if that were true then Khan would have also known that the torpedoes didn’t contain the cryotubes anymore. If the superior scanning ability of the USS Vengeance could tell just exactly how badly the Enterprise was damaged then it should have been able to scan the torpedoes deeply enough to see that the cryotubes were missing.

Nor was this the only time that Khan showed mercy to Kirk, even after Kirk betrayed him by having Scotty stun him on the bridge of the Vengeance.

After the Enterprise loses power and starts to fall we see Kirk running through his ship, leaping over corridors which is quite a display of athletics given the beating he just received at Khan’s hands. Which is odd when you remember that Khan shattered Carol Marcus’ knee with one kick, crushed Admiral Marcus’ skull with his bare hands in under 10 seconds and defeated (by my count) six to eight armed Section 31 agents on the way to the bridge while being unarmed himself. Yet he pounds on Kirk and throws him about the bridge like a rag doll while still leaving him in a good enough condition to be capable of all that? My point here is that for all the time Khan spent beating on Kirk he did him very little if any actual physical damage. Oh there would have been deep tissue bruising certainly and I have no doubt that Khan wanted Kirk to feel pain after what he had done to Khan, but there were no broken bones, no crippling injuries, in fact, judging by the way Kirk was jumping about I’d be surprised if Khan had given him so much as a concussion. For a warrior as powerful and as skillful as Khan this cannot have been accidental.

If Khan really was the homicidal maniac, the monster that others have described him he would have sent Kirk back to the Enterprise a broken, shattered, ruin of a man who couldn’t even crawl to Med Bay let alone to the Warp Core. He would have killed Carol Marcus and Scotty and sent them back with Kirk as nothing more than bloody corpses. He would have destroyed the Enterprise’s main and secondary command bridges so that even if Kirk made it to engineering there would have been nothing Kirk could have done to save his ship because all the controls needed to bring her out of free fall would have been destroyed along with the people needed to use those controls, Kirk’s entire bridge crew.

He did none of those things. Instead he gave to Kirk what was for a man of his physical strength and combat skills, little more than a spanking. He spared both Dr. Marcus and Mr. Scott, returning them alive to the Enterprise. He fired to cripple the Enterprise, not destroy her.

Mercy: even though Kirk was a member of the same military organization that had, by the legal definition of those terms, enslaved and tortured him and had held everyone he loved as hostages against him and even though Kirk had betrayed him after Khan had save his life twice Khan still showed Kirk mercy; or tried to at any rate.

As the poet Robert Burns said “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Original Carol Marcus is such a badass person. 

Like she was one of the many flings that Kirk had when he was young, and that’s all she thought it was too. It was just a fling, Kirk was young and handsome and had this gorgeously attractive reputation. Carol had a reputation too, but it was more well known in the scientific field of Starfleet. 

Then she finds out, after Kirk is LONG gone on some grand adventure, that she’s pregnant with his child. So not only does Marcus have to continue her path to being a successful scientist, she has to raise a son. But not just any son: Kirk’s son. Jim Kirk, legendary captain, famous explorer of the stars. And David is totally just like him in many ways, despite his love for science like Carol’s. 

And she did it all without hesitation. She raised Jim Kirk’s son by herself AND managed to be one of Starfleet’s leading scientists in their most profound experiment to date. And the Original Carol Marcus was introduced as Doctor Carol Marcus. We had no clue as the audience as to whether or not there was any relation between Marcus or Kirk until halfway through the movie, and that was it: she was an independent character who for once didn’t serve as some shitty love interest for the male lead. 

Doctor Carol Marcus is a badass person, and ya’ll motherfucking haters can leave please that would be great thanks.