khalsa junction

Bruin Bhangra.

Last night I went to the Bruin Bhangra competition and afterparty. I hadn’t been to a bhangra competition in like 4 years, but I went to this one because I knew a few people performing and my sister’s boyfriend was one of the judges.

The main competition was great, props to Anakh-E-Gabroo for winning 1st place, they totally deserved it. Their gimmicks were crazy and their stunts had me hanging on the edge of my seat.

I think Bhangra Knightz should have definitely placed though, they had a great performance and their energy was contagious. I think Khalsa Junction stole their placing, but I understand why they had to place since they had such a big crowd following.

Now the afterparty… was a hot mess. Obnoxious, drunk girls everywhere and creepy, random, old men trying to rub their genitals on your ass. Yeah, not great. But regardless, I got down with my friends and met some fun people.


Bhangra lovers MUST see this. Khalsa Junction.


Anakh Punjab Di and Khalsa Junction @ Bruin Bhangra 2011

Photo 127

Bruin Bhangra second place winners…KJ & APD.  The WORLD’s greatest legend and performers who sprinkled the REAL name of Bhangra amongst many stages and in a world where people where unaware of its cultural substance.  Hats down to the champs and the dynamite collaboration of two uncomparable teams.  Great job!