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10 Things That Make Guru Gobind Singh Ji a BAUSS

1. Showed from his early days that he would be a man who would stand for Hindus and Muslims alike.

2. Rejected the glimmer of capitalism as a young boy, centuries before it was considered a cool thing to do, by taking gold bracelets gifted to him and throwing them into the river.

3. At the age of nine, he advised his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, to stand up against the oppressive Mughal regime who were persecuting Hindu Brahmins, people who were not even a part of his faith- Guru Tegh Bahadur ended up sacrificing his life for the lives of the Brahmins.

4. Became Guru at the age of nine.

5. Lead his first battle against corrupted Kings at the age of 19, and won the battle.

6. Established the nationhood of the Khalsa on Vaisakhi 1699.

7. Elevated the status of women by deeming them Kaurs- derived from the Rajput term “Kauwar,” denoting the heir to the throne; a title higher than “Singh,” which was given to nobility.

8. Showed compassion even while battling soldiers of the oppressive Mughal regime; Guru Sahib would coat his arrowheads in gold so the wounded soldier could use the monetary value of the spearhead to pay for his medical treatment, or if the soldier died, the arrowhead would provide monetary support to the soldier’s family. Compassion and love came first and foremost.

9. Knew a plethora of languages and was able to write using a combination of Arabic, Farsi, Sanskrit, Brijbhasha, and other languages, as he kept the grammatical and linguistic integrity of all these languages within a single passage, all while making them flow together seamlessly.

10. Despite being left with nothing but a bed of thorns and a rock for a pillow in the jungle, Guru Gobind Singh wrote to the emperor a Zafarnamah, Epistle of Victory, outlining that even though Aurangzeb had performed all the acts he had planned, Guru Sahib was still the true victor, as he had his ethics and his humanity intact, while Aurangzeb’s army took an oath on the Qur’an, that they would not attack the Khalsa army, but broke the oath and did so anyway. He also reached out to discuss ethics and religion with the emperor, and even to forgive Aurangzeb, despite him killing Guru Sahib’s father, his four sons, and his mother, and causing his family to break apart and crumble.

Guru Sahib taught us that the true wealth in this world is that of ethics, and Truth. Everything else is but a mere illusion. May we all be able to follow Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s example of love, integrity, and justice.