Do you realize that Frida Kahlo aka surrealist painter who was incredibly insecure and depicted self portraits of herself with a unibrow and stark characteristics had sexual relations with NOT Bill Clinton but the one and only communist leader Leon Trotsky (goals goals goals 🙌💯😂👌) and basically epitomize everything that a valley teen wants in that she has a fashion taste that makes absolutely no sense and he literally IS communism which is also ironic because apparently Frida did not like white people which is understandable because white people are crazy and can’t be trusted but if they were to have a kid which to be honest they probably had miscarriages or maybe even runt like minion children sold into human trafficking or cough cough the red army or sweat shops to make the clothes that you and your family can buy at stores that Kimberly applied to work out such as American Apparel and Brandy Melville which is ironic again because we all support corporate America deep down 👀👏👉👈