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Khalil Rafati, Brad, Colin Lee and Dena Green already liked her photo, and they all work or are friends with David. Why would these people who like him would liked a post from a girl who just wants to call attention to herself and want to make it look like she dates a man that she does not? I do not think they as David's friends would liked this photo if it was a joke of her.


You do realize this girl is friends with all of those ppl you mentioned, right? Has it ever occurred to you that they simply thought she was paying a homage to him? Or trying to sound grateful?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but one can use “my love” for all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones. She knew exactly the effect this expression would have on the fandom and how it would be interpreted.

Also, if you were in a real relationship with someone one would think you’d post a, Idk, selfie with that person, perhaps? Seeing as you’re apparently the ‘queen’ of selfies 🤔. Oh. Wait. There were no mirrors… and no bathrooms around. Yup, I see the problem now 😂

Aaaanyway… the BS is so intense it’s starting to stink up the place. So I’ll just use the same perfect gif as my friend @dontpointdownthere and leave for the night.

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But why would Khalil Rafati, Brad, Colin Lee and Dena Green liked her post? They are supposed to care about him.

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This ask seems to be making rounds….as @snappingonthelatex have a very good answer, I will refer to that and add;

In general we focus too much on that woman and in this case on the word love! 

A quick look at the way she, her friends and generally how people use the social media will reveal that we constantly use the word love. (…just the last few posts from a certain account; Love ya, Love you (…and it has been written several times), I’m in love, Luvvvv U and so on). 

But in response to your question, it is work-related people who have liked that post! They liked a post with a picture from a work situation, (obviously it was not possible to get the beautiful beach picture where they walk hand in hand or the sunset selfie where they stand very close. ) with a birthday greeting. -And why not tag the person you want to congratulate?

It is us in this fandom who analyze every move the woman is doing and she is fond of attention. She is good at this, and she makes use of the attention she gets and of how desperate people are. -It’s like giving candy to children for her!!!!